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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A case study of the implementation of the abacus scheme to teach early number conceptsBorg, Amanda; Curmi, Stephanie; Farrugia, Christina Marie
1983Catching them young : teaching "history" to the 4-7 age groupSant, Michael
2015Challenging behavior : responding to challenging behaviour in the early yearsBondin, Merilyn
2020Djehuty : a mixed-initiative handwriting game for preschoolersSarr, Jean Michel A.; Yannakakis, Georgios N.; Liapis, Antonios; Bah, Alassane; Cambier, Christophe
2020-04-04Early childhood education for sustainabilitySpiteri, Jane
2017Editorial : young children’s use of digital media and parental mediationZaman, Bieke; Mifsud, Charles L.
2014-12Editorial [Malta Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.1(2)]Gatt, Daniela
2014Friendship perception and criteria : friendship amongst primary school childrenDeguara, Maria
2016Inclusive early childhood education : an analysis of 32 European examplesBartolo, Paul A.; Bjorck-Akesson, Eva; Gine, Climent; Kyriazopoulou, Mary
2017Inclusive early childhood education : literature reviewBellour, Flora; Bartolo, Paul A.; Kyriazopoulou, Mary
2017Inclusive early childhood education environment self-reflection toolBjorck-Akesson, Eva; Kyriazopoulou, Mary; Gine, Climent; Bartolo, Paul A.
2017Inclusive early childhood education new insights and tools – contributions from a European studyKyriazopoulou, Mary; Bartolo, Paul A.; Bjorck-Akesson, Eva; Gine, Climent; Bellour, Flora
2018Literacy education in the digital ageMifsud, Charles L.; Petrová, Zuzana
2014Malta Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.1(2)Gatt, Daniela
2014Messy play : planning and Implementing messy play activities of inquiry science in the early yearsAgius Vadala, Francesca
2019MOV-UP Policy recommendations : 2019Cefai, Carmel; de Waal, Paula; Ampartzaki, Maria; Yılmaz Doğan, Zuhal; Ottorino Arati, Danniele; Vaitiekuniene, Jurgita; Dimova, Reni; Mincheva, Ioanna
2014Multimodal and digital literacies in the early yearsMifsud, Charles L.
2018-11The neglected shadow : European perspectives on emotional supports for early school leaving preventionDownes, Paul
2014Posing questions for inquiry science in the early yearsBaldacchino, Sharyn
2014Positive classroom interactions : the impact of teacher-child relationships on teaching and learning in an early years settingBonnici, Anne