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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Aortic coarctation : never too late to diagnose, never too late to treatConti, Luca; Borg Savona, Sarah; Spiteri, T.; Giovanni, Joseph de; Borg, Alexander; Caruana, Maryanne
2018Aorto-left ventricular tunnel : a rare cause of heart failure in the newbornMarinho-Rito, Tiago Filipe; Freitas, Isabel; Diogo Martins, J.; Rodrigues, R.; Fragata, J.; Pinto, Fausto
2005Cardiovascular involvement in Kawaski DiseaseChintala, Kavitha; Reddy, S.V.; Forbes, T.J.
2008Change of size and type of patent ductus arteriosus in a one year old infant during routine echocardiographic studyGalal, Mohammed Omar; Turkistani, H.; Sultan, A.
2011The chest x-ray in congenital heart disease 4Somerville, Jane; Grech, Victor E.
2010Diagnosis of aortic origin of a pulmonary artery by echocardiographyTaksande, Amar M.; Thomas, E.; Gautami, V.; Murthy, K.S.
2004Diffuse pulmonary arteriovenous malformation : a case reportZain, Zarin
2013Echocardiographic recognition of a criss-cross heart with double outlet right ventricleTaksande, Amar M.
2016Estimation of ejection fraction with ventriculography versus echocardiography in patients referred for cardiac surgeryManche, Alexander; Pllaha, Elton; Camilleri, Liberato
2004Idiopathic arterial calcification of infancy : a case reportSundaram, Sandhya; Kuruvilla, Sarah; Thirupuram, S.
2012Isolated Biventricular Noncompaction in an adult with severe pulmonary hypertension : an association reviewed.Awasthy, Neeraj; Tomar, Munesh; Radhakrishnan, Sitaraman
2007Mediastinal widening on chest radiography caused by combined aortic valve disease and primary large B-cell lymphomaTomaske, Maren; Kellenberger, Christian J.; Bodmer, Nicole; Knirsch, Walter; Bauersfeld, Urs
2007Modified Echocardiographic views for concordant atrio-ventricular connection with discordant ventriculo-arterial connection or double outlet right ventricle and sub-pulmonary ventricular septal defectMishra, Suryaprakash
2007Normal adult echocardiography : apical viewsAquilina, Oscar; Felice, Herbert; Fenech, Albert; Grech, Victor E.
2006Normal adult echocardiography : parasternal viewsAquilina, Oscar; Fenech, Albert; Grech, Victor E.; Felice, Herbert
2001The persistently patent arterial duct in the premature infantKaratza, Ageliki A.; Azzopardi, D.V.; Gardiner, Helena Maria
2003Pharmacological closure of the patent ductus arteriosusMehta, Sudhir Ken; Younoszai, A.; Pietz, Joachim; Achanti, B.P.
2014Prenatal diagnosis of isolated atrioventricular discordance using fetal echocardiographyKanagawa, Nao; Inamura, Noboru; Narita, Jun; Kawazu, Yukiko; Kayatani, Futoshi
2018-07Prominent crista terminalis in a fetusEvong, Yolanda; Warren, Andrew E.; Mohsin, H.
2003Real-time three-dimensional ultrasound : a valuable new tool in preoperative assessment of complex congenital cardiac diseaseDalla Pozza, Robert; Romer, U.; Kozlik-Feldmann, Rainer; Netz, Heinrich