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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20186 forecasting production performanceAkhmetova, D. T.; Utibayeva, G. B.; Utibayev, B. S.; Zhunusova, R. M.; Baidakov, A.; Tukenova, B. I.
2015An analysis of the home bias phenomenon in securities holdings of developed and emerging countriesCauchi, Rosalie
1988The demand for imports in the Maltese economySpiteri, Martin (1988)
2016Estimating the impact of foreign workers on the Maltese economyFenech, Theresa
2014Exploiting a short run and long-run relationships between nominal wages, consumer prices, unemployment and labour productivity by application of VECM : evidence from ItalyVella-Critien, Elena
2013A financial econometric analysis of the determinants of interest rate risk in the USArize, Augustine; Christofi, Andreas; Kallianiotis, Ioannis N.; Malindretos, John; Scoulis, Moschos
2003An international comparison of long-run consumer behaviourStewart, Chris
2015Liquidity in the Maltese bond marketBellia, Sean
2020-07Long-run nexus between tourism receipts and economic growth : empirical evidence from TurkeySenkardesler, Rabia Aktas
2016Money for nothing? : universal childcare and maternal hours of workZarb, Ayrton
2019Payment habits in the EU : an econometric model and a case studyAgius, Christabelle (2019)
2019Productivity in the most obese nation in Europe : an econometric analysisDalli, Claudia
2003A semiparametric frequency domain approach of modelling the real output with fractional integrationGil-Alana, Luis A.
2004Tourists’ satisfaction and revisiting : an investigation of causality effectsKompotis, Apostolos; Papanastasiou, Ioannis A.; Vassiliadis, Christos; Voyatzis, Alexandros
1999Transportation and tourism : an economic quantitative analysisSambracos, Evangelos
2002Trends and unit roots in Greek real money supply, real GDP and nominal interest rateChristos, Karpetis; Erotokritos, Varelas
2022Use of tourism intensity indicators for delimitation in European Union countriesBąk, Iwona; Brelik, Agnieszka