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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Assessing the fragility of small island developing statesCarment, David; Prest, Stewart; Samy, Yiagadeesen
2019Combined modeling of projected evaluation of the regional socio-economic developmentDavnis, V. V.; Tinyakova, Viktoria I.; Blinov, A. O.; Volodin, Y. V.
2008Conceptual and practical issues in constructing composite indicesFarrugia, Nadia
2007Conceptual issues in constructing composite indicesFarrugia, Nadia
2017Constructing a financial riskiness index across countriesBriguglio, Lino
2001Creating a stable financial environmentBonello, Oliver
2018Demographic transition and population ageing in small statesvon Brockdorff, Philip; Vella, Melchior
2013Determinants of economic growth in G20 countries : a panel data approachTaş, Nihat; Önder, Emrah; Hepşen, Ali
2015The determinants of governance : a global analysisRontos, Konstantinos; Syrmali, Maria-Eleni; Vavouras, Ioannis
2012Diaspora remittances and investment : a derivation and measurementHunte, Kenrick C.
2020Economic development through clusters-understanding the idea of cooperation in the opinion of students : a case studyKlemens, Brygida
2006Economic resilience building and good governanceReddy, Mahendra
2009Economic vulnerability and resilience : concepts and measurementsBriguglio, Lino; Cordina, Gordon; Farrugia, Nadia; Vella, Stephanie
2003The economic vulnerability index : some conceptual and methodological issuesBriguglio, Lino
2011Emigrant and immigrant small-island profilesMitchell, Stephanie A.; McElroy, Jerome L.
2021Evolution of the labor market and competency requirements in industry 4.0 versus the Covid-19 pandemicSus, Aleksandra; Sylwestrzak, Bartosz
2005Exchange rate strategies for small island developingVella, Stephanie
2019Factors and conditions of functioning and development of modern regional socio-economic systemsZimakova, I. V.; Kalashnikov, A. N.; Kretsu, S. I.; Kurillo, A. V.
2019Human capital as a base for regional development : a case studySycheva, I. N.; Сhernyshova, O. V.; Panteleeva, T. A.; Moiseeva, O. A.; Chernyavskaya, S. A.; Khout, S. Y.
2020Impact of defense expenditures on economic growthDumitrache, Vlad; Grosaru, Florin Eduard; Constantinescu, Maria; Szeles, Monica