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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The 1996 Mathematics SEC paper : gender difference and factors influencing choice of levelD'Anastasi, Gloriann (1998)
1988Accounting : an introductionXuereb, Joseph (1988)
1998Acquisizione della cultura e della lingua italiana : progetto didattico sulla competenza testualeEnriquez, Christine (1998)
1997Acquisizione della cultura e della lingua Italiana : progetto pedagogico sulla comunicazione telematicaMallia, Yvette
2011Active participation in Physical Education : a local study with Form 3 female studentsCiappara, Caroline
2021Addressing challenging behaviour : a case study in a Maltese secondary schoolBrincau, Neville (2021)
2021Addressing dereliction : the role of British architecture in Maltese cultureBonavia, Luca (2021)
2019Addressing the emotional well-being of secondary school students : a reality or an illusion?Galea, Charmaine
2007Administration and management of secondary school libraries in Malta and GozoGrech, Joseph (2007)
1992Adolescent problems with special reference to self-esteem and anxietyMeilak, Margaret (1992)
2001Adolescents and the occult : attitudes, beliefs and practicesCamenzuli, Lorna
2003Adolescents' activities on Saturday : a sociological study of 14/15-year olds from 4 schools in MaltaZarb, Stephanie (2003)
2018Adults vs adolescents : who is the best food consumer? : does home economics assist in making smart consumers?Scerri, Janice
2008Aggressive behaviour in adolescent boysCassar, Victoria Martha (2008)
1996The algebraic competence of high - achieving form V studentsGrixti, Joanne
1992All in a day's work : based upon an observational study of three assistant heads of school in a junior lyceumMicallef, Carmel S. (1992)
2010All in the same boat? : insights from a boys' secondary school in the new college systemBezzina, Margaret; Vella, JohnPaul
1997Alternative frameworks in energyVella, Mark (1997)
1990Analisi degli errori grammaticali e dei quesiti in un esame d'italiano della quarta mediaGrixti, Doris (1990)
1989Analisi dell'esame d'italiano della quarta media inferiore : analisi degli errori ortografici, morfosintattici e lessicaliAquilina, Phyllis