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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Algorithms of education : how datafication and artificial intelligence shape policy [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2022Blockchain in education : the best teaching modelsGutowski, Piotr; Markiewicz, Joanna; Niedzielski, Piotr; Klein, Monika
2000Collaborative strategies : an internet approach in the primary classroomMifsud, Nicholai (2000)
1990Computers in economics education : a case studySpiteri, Alessandra (1990)
1987Computers in educational institutions : a surveyGiordmaina, Joseph
1993Computers in mathematics learningBezzina Wettinger, Martin
1989Computers in the administration of schoolsFarrugia, John (1989)
1999Design, development and evaluation of mathematics worksheets using IT for form 1 new secondary schoolsSpiteri, Daniela (1999)
1999Developing a methodology for the computerization of experiments in physics at tertiary levelBonnici, Marco
1990The development and application of computer software for selected biological topicsScerri, Stefan (1990)
2022Education and blockchainGrech, Alex; Venkataraman, Bhawani; Fengchun, Miao
2017Elearning vs traditional face-to-face interactionsEllul, Ian C.
1997An evaluation of form 1 IT applications mathematics worksheetsBezzina, Christopher
2021Experiencing the smart learning journey : a pedagogical inquiryLister, Pen
2007Flexible learning systems : an insight into personalised learning systemsCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2016Formation of the system of management of supporting university on the basis of strengthening of communication componentMeskhi, Besarion C.; Izotov, Mikhail A.; Knyazeva, Yuliya S.; Simonyan, Tatyana V.
2003Gender equity in the teaching of primary social studiesCassar, Shirley (2003); Ciantar, Elaine (2003); Degiorgio, Marcelle (2003)
2001Girls' Junior Lyceum Form One students' attitudes towards mathematics lessons in the computer labBriffa, Dorianne
1998Information technology in the Maltese primary classroom : first considerations and implications for classroom pedagogyMifsud, Romina (1998); Portelli, Lydia (1998)
2003Internet and electronic data transmission : its influence on teenage girls in St. Helen's SchoolChircop, Brian J. (2003)