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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Cameron McCarthy & Cathryn Teasley (eds). Transnational Perspectives on Culture, Policy, and Education: Redirecting Cultural Studies in Neoliberal Times [book review]Fitzpatrick, Margaret; Geary, James
2012Higher education governance : a critical mapping of key themes and issuesSultana, Ronald G.
1976The idea of a university, Malta, 1975Beck, Richard J.
1999The impact of cultural and economic globalisation on the planning and function of higher education in North Africa and the Middle EastSabour, M'hammed; Guri-Rosenblit, Sarah
2008Introduction : hopes and promises of policy learningSultana, Ronald G.
1995Labour formation in small developing states : a conceptual reviewBaldacchino, Godfrey
2001Les prochains defies de l’education dans les pays du sudSultana, Ronald G.
1990Maltese primary school teachers' experience of centralised policiesDarmanin, Mary
2013Private tutoring across the MediterraneanBray, Mark; Mazawi, Andre Elias; Sultana, Ronald G.
2012Recuperating democratic spaces in an age of militarisation and a new fascismMayo, Peter
2008The role of school leadership on student achievement: Evidence from TIMSS2003Vidoni, Daniele; Bezzina, Christopher; Gatelli, Debora; European Commission; Joint Research Centre
1994A small state perspective to education? : a review articleBaldacchino, Godfrey
1999-04SOCRATES : exchange of information and experience on education systems and policyDalmas, Claudine
1995The typology of the school building : its importance in educational policies and practicesFalzon, Joe