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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptive market hypothesisMandac, Pınar Evrim; Taşkın, Dilvin; Ergün, Zeliha Can
2019Analysing the efficiency in the foreign exchange markets of the Euro against American DollarGalea, Reece Hendrix (2019)
2016Analysis of market efficiency at Borsa Istanbul : Harvey linearity testMalcioglu, Gurkan; Aydin, Mucahit
2017An analysis of the Malta Development BankMintoff, Ann Marie
2019An analysis on the financial behaviour of investors within the Maltese investment populationCaruana, Christoph (2019)
2021An assessment of stock market overreactionFalzon, Joseph (2021)
2020Balkan stock exchanges – consideration of the length of the estimation window in similar marketsKubiszewska, Katarzyna; Potrykus, Marcin
2019Behavioural biases in relation to financial literacyCauchi, Francine (2019)
2018Can forex algorithmic trading based on technical analysis generate abnormal returns?Spagnol, Luke
2020-10Corrigendum to “Analysis of market efficiency at Borsa Istanbul : Harvey Linearity Test” [Journal of Accounting, Finance and Auditing Studies 2/1 (2016) 113-124]Malcioglua, Gurkan; Aydin, Mucahit
2011Financial crisis, ownership effect and investors sentiment : empirical evidence from the banking sector in GreeceAlexakis, Christos A.
2016The history of insider trading with cases and regulationsEsen, M. Fevzi
2012The influence of celebrity endorsements on stock pricesLadner, Ryan
2014An investigation of cointegration and casualty relationships between the PIIGS’ stock marketsChristopoulos, Apostolos G.; Papathanasiou, Spyros; Kalantonis, Petros; Chouliaras, Andreas; Katsikides, Savvas
2003An investigation of price - volume intraday patterns under "Bull" and "Bear" market conditionsAlexakis, Christos A.; Alexakis, Panayotis; Xanthakis, Manolis
2021Is trading on earnings surprises a profitable strategy? : evidence from the S&P 500 stock indexEllul Sullivan, Eric Anthony (2021)
2008Measuring market efficiency : a comparative studyFormosa, Ingrid (2008)
2019The relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock returnsCortis, Jasmine (2019)
2020Short-term price reaction to involuntary bankruptcies filed in bad faith : empirical evidence from PolandPrusak, Blazej; Potrykus, Marcin
2012Testing the efficiency of Indian stock market vis-à-vis merger and acquisitions - a study of Indian banking sectorAhmad Khan, Azeem; Ikram, Sana