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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A characterization of singular graphsSciriha, Irene
2015Graphs that have a weighted adjacency matrix with spectrum {λn−21,λ21}Meagher, Karen; Sciriha, Irene
2010Main eigenvalues and (κ, τ)-regular setsCardoso, Domingos M.; Sciriha, Irene; Zerafa, Cheryl
2014The main eigenvalues and number of walks in self-complementary graphsFarrugia, Alexander; Sciriha, Irene
2006Minimal configuration treesSciriha, Irene; Gutman, Ivan
2015A new approach to the method of source-sink potentials for molecular conductionPickup, Barry T.; Fowler, Patrick W.; Borg, Martha; Sciriha, Irene
2001On polynomial reconstruction of disconnected graphsSciriha, Irene; Formosa, Juanita M.
2020On the displacement of eigenvalues when removing a twin vertexBriffa, Johann A.; Sciriha, Irene
2015On the main eigenvalues of universal adjacency matrices and u-controllable graphsFarrugia, Alexander; Sciriha, Irene
2019On the walks and bipartite double coverings of graphs with the same main eigenspaceCollins, Luke; Sciriha, Irene
2009Order estimation of computational models for dynamic systems with application to biomedical signalsCassar, Tracey A.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Fabri, Simon G.
2010Order estimation of multivariate ARMA modelsCassar, Tracey A.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Fabri, Simon G.
2002Polynomial reconstruction : old and new techniquesSciriha, Irene
2002Polynomial reconstruction and terminal verticesSciriha, Irene
2012Small signal stability analysis of doubly fed induction generator including SDBRShawon, Mohammad Hasanuzzaman; Al-Durra, Ahmed; Caruana, Cedric; Muyeen, Syed M.
2007Some properties of the Hoffman-Singleton graphRowlinson, Peter; Sciriha, Irene
2020Spectral graph theory : from practice to theoryFarrugia, Alexander
2005Trees with maximum nullityFiorini, Stanley; Gutman, Ivan; Sciriha, Irene
2019Two-graphs and NSSDs : an algebraic approachSciriha, Irene; Collins, Luke