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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An architectural sensibility : how empathy affects the way we authentically feel buildingsDebattista, Francesco (2016)
2010Architecture of body and mind : sensation and perception through textureSpiteri, Ramona (2010)
2008The attitudes, perceptions and feelings of immigrants towards Malta and the MalteseBoffa, Charisse (2008)
2021Body language, frame and animation : a stop motion studyMuscat, Stefan (2021)
2021Characterization of video game characters and player engagementVassallo Laferla, Christopher (2021)
1991Children's fearsZammit, Stanley (1991)
2011Developing emotional literacy with secondary school girls with social emotional and behavioural difficultiesAgius, Lauraine (2011)
1987Education and the emotionsGatt, Karen (1987)
2022The effects of audience behaviour on football players’ performanceCalleja, Paul; Muscat, Adele; Decelis, Andrew
2016Emotion-driven level generationTogelius, Julian; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2018Emotional appeals in advertising : how humour is used for promotional purposesMicallef, Stephanie
2010-04Emotional education as second language acquisition?Macleod, Gale; MacAllister, James; Pirrie, Anne
2016Emotional influence in car advertisements on consumer behaviourMizzi, Rebeka
2017Emotional ‘design for X’ : a human and life phase systems meetings consequence knowledge approachFarrugia, Lawrence
2019Emotions and religiosity : a psychological investigation of participants' experience in the procession of 'Our Lady of sorrows'Diacono, Ian
1993Experiential architecture : the emotional evaluation of architectureFormosa, Mario (1993)
2001Extreme sport and the undergraduatesMuscat, Warren (2001)
2010Gender differences with respect to sexual and emotional infidelityAgius, Josnef (2010)
2014Guest editorial : emotion in gamesYannakakis, Georgios N.; Isbister, Katherine; Paiva, Ana; Karpouzis, Kostas
2017"Hey Jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song, and make it better" : the use of music through personal difficultiesTonna, Caroline