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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An architectural sensibility : how empathy affects the way we authentically feel buildingsDebattista, Francesco (2016)
2021-04The bright and dark sides of emotional intelligence : implications for educational practice and better understanding of empathyAkamatsu, Daisuke; Gherghel, Claudia
2018-11Building young children’s emotional competence and self- regulation from birth : the begin to... ECSEL approachHousman, Donna K.; Denham, Susanne A.; Cabral, Howard
2020Empathetic tendencies and cyber surveillance of an intimate partner in University studentsBartolo, Daniela (2020)
2017Exploring teachers’ use of empathy in the classroom to create an inclusive education experience for allAgius, Kimberly (2017)
2017If you are not experiencing it, you are not understanding it! : using virtual reality to understand migrantsCamilleri, Joseph
2016If you aren’t experiencing it, you’re not understanding it! Using virtual reality to understand migrantsCamilleri, Joe; Scicluna, David; Briffa, Vince; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Montebello, Matthew
2011Impact of working memory deficit on emotional empathyMukhortova, Anna
2017The lived experience of therapists in conducting animal-assisted therapyNaumann, Julia Maria
2017Living autism : an immersive learning experienceDe Martino, Steffi
2018Measuring the cognitive and emotional components of empathy : a multimodal experimental study using thermography and self-report assessmentsSchembri Frendo, Clarisse
2008Personal growth by putting on other people's shoesBonello, Maris (2008)
2019-11A review of heterogeneous interpretations of emotional reactivityEman, Saima; Khalid, Ansab; Nicolson, Roderick I.
2020University students’ use of empathy in their everyday life : a qualitative studyAzzopardi, Monique (2020)
2017Walking in small shoes : investigating the power of VR on empathising with children’s difficultiesCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew; Dingli, Alexiei; Briffa, Vince
2009When I empathise do I memorise? : an investigation of the relationship between empathy and memoryHogg, Emma (2009)