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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Age discrimination during the recruitment processSpiteri, Gianluca (2010)
2005An analysis of the recruitment and selection procedures within the Maltese public serviceCarbonaro, Michelle (2005)
2016The analysis of the recruitment process through the use of disruptive technologies within the Maltese islandsSchembri, Anthony
2019Assessing the role of gender in hiring : a field experiment on labour market discriminationZarb, Ayrton
2019The effect of social media on the recruitment process in Maltese audit firmsMeilak, Christine
2016The effects of facial hair on first impressions of job applicantsCassar, Isabelle
2020Employer branding : a pulling force of employee attraction?Sultana, Tiffany (2020)
1989Employment as a statement of dignity - workshop reportKummissjoni Nazzjonali Handikappati; Ghaqda ghall-Genituri ta' Tfal Handikappati; Department of Health. Health Education Unit; Pisani, Marcel; Azzopardi, Moses; D'Agostino, Eddie; Grech, Carmen; King, Michael; Grech, Connie
2019Expatriate accountants in Maltese accountancy firms : the recruiter perspectiveGalea, Yasmine
2017Experiencing the job interview process : different perceptions by persons with physical disability and HR managersZammit, Ian Mark
2017The human resource perspective on the values of education for recruitmentAttard, Tara
2018The impact of employer branding on the attraction of future knowledge workers with commercial qualifications in MaltaCordina, Audrey
2018The influence of personality on recruitment advertising effectivenessFenech, Mandy
2017The influence of the employer image and reputation on Enemalta’s attractiveness for prospective engineering employeesBriffa, Ruben
2016Job interview : is there any rule to succeed? : successful communication between job seekers and organisationsPydzik, Małgorzata Karolina
2007The market for newly qualified accountants in Maltese professional firms : an analysisTabone, Marie Claire (2007)
2013Multi-skilling : a challenge for MaltaFsadni, Stephanie (2013)
2012Recruitment and development practice : a case study of public orchestras in Malta and Czech RepublicAbdilla, Claudia (2012)
2003Recruitment and selection in the public servicePolidano, Charles
2013The recruitment and selection process of accountancy professionals by Maltese recruiting agencies : a qualitative studyChappell, Elizabeth