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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advances in wind energy technology : COST Action TU1304 WINERCOST : 2nd International Training School, Chania, CreteBaniotopoulos, Charalampos; Borri, Claudio; Blocken, Bert; Hemida, Hassan; Veljkovic, Milan; Morbiato, Tommaso; Borg, Ruben Paul; Huber, Stefanie E.; Efthymiou, Evangelos; Stavroulakis, Georgios E.
2015Advances in wind energy technology : prefaceBaniotopoulos, Lambis; Borg, Ruben Paul
2015Architectural integrationBuhagiar, Vincent; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Djukic, Aleksandra
1997Building regulations : energy conservationSaliba, Charles (1997)
2010Carbon breakdown structureFernandez Sanchez, Gonzalo
2011Communal residential laundry washing and drying - can it provide demand-side electrical load flexibility?Borg, Simon Paul; Markopoulo, A.; Strachan, P. A.; Porteous, C.; Sharpe, T.
2014Coupling natural ventilation and thermal mass for low energy housingZammit, Yanica (2014)
2019Decarbonising the shipping sector : a critical analysis on the application of waste heat for refrigeration in fishing vesselsPalomba, Valeria; Dino, Giuseppe E.; Ghirlando, Robert; Micallef, Christopher; Frazzica, Andrea
2012Design of a regenerative load to increase efficiency during reliability testing of DC supply equipmentGalea, Francarl; Apap, Maurice; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Cilia, Joseph
2008Eco-efficiencyBorg, Ruben Paul; Veljkovic, Milan; Plewako, Zbigniew
2007Eco-efficiencyBorg, Ruben Paul; Veljkovic, Milan
2008-02-03Energy efficiency & renewables : policies, applications & researchYousif, Charles
2016Energy efficiency in buildings : the BUILDUP Skills Project MaltaBorg, Ruben Paul
2014Energy efficiency survey of the Ganado Advocates officesAgosta, Antonino Fabio; Dierna, Giovanni Luca; Gileppo, Marco; Capodici, Baldassare; Geramia, Anna Maria Federica; Yousif, Charles; Scerri Diacono, Jotham
2015Environmental performance and sustainabilityBuhagiar, Vincent; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Djukic, Aleksandra
2013Field behaviour of a flat panel ground heat exchangerBottarelli, Michele; Bortoloni, Marco
2019A framework for the assessment of sustainability in the built environment : the case of Malta as an island stateBorg, Ruben Paul; Camilleri, Liberato
2013High resolution performance analysis of micro-trigeneration in an energy-efficient residential buildingBorg, Simon Paul; Kelly, Nicolas James
2015Home energy management systemValentino, Ryan
2011-09Investigation of electric motors energy saving potential in industrial applicationsSpiteri, Patrick; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Caruana, Cedric