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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20115.3 Fagade-cladding systems (ETICS) : an overview of their environmental impact - a holistic approach towards conformity with the EPBD. Comparison : Lithuania, Hungary and MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent; Borg, Ruben Paul; Norvaisiené, R.; Hunyadi, Z.
2016Design and construction of a small multi-bladed wind turbine for the suburban and rural environmentsMuscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.; Caruana, Cedric; Axisa, Redeemer
2011Design and cost evaluation of a deep water support structure for a wind turbine in central Mediterranean watersFenech, Lawrence; Sant, Tonio; Muscat, Martin
2020Development and performance testing of a small, multi-bladed wind turbineSant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.; Muscat, Martin; Caruana, Cedric; Axisa, Redeemer; Borg, Albert; Cassar, Cecille M.; Cassar, Josianne; Cordina, Christian; Farrugia, Adrian; Schembri, Steven
2011Economic assessment of solar electricity production from organic-based photovoltaic modules in a domestic environmentAzzopardi, Brian; Emmott, Christopher J. M.; Urbina, Antonio; Krebs, Frederik C.; Mutale, Joseph; Nelson, Jenny
2019A framework for the assessment of sustainability in the built environment : the case of Malta as an island stateBorg, Ruben Paul; Camilleri, Liberato
2017Integration of an Organic Rankine Cycle and a photovoltaic unit for micro-scale CHP applications in the residential sectorSettino, Jessica; Morrone, Pietropaolo; Algieri, A.; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Christopher; Farrugia, Mario; Spiteri-Staines, Cyril; Licari, John; Micallef, Alexander
2019Introduction : sustainability & resilience in the built environmentBorg, Ruben Paul
2014A medium temperature solar powered Stirling engine – a case of project based learningMangion, Ronald; Muscat, Martin
2006Practical solution for ventilated ground slabs and roof slabsBorg, Ruben Paul
2017Structural assessment of a lattice tower for a small, multi-bladed wind turbineAxisa, Redeemer; Muscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2006The thermal performance of ventilated roofsBorg, Ruben Paul
2011Ultimate state design of a deep water offshore wind turbine support structure for the central Mediterranean regionGauci, Thomas; Muscat, Martin; Sant, Tonio; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Camlllierl, Duncan