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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
196814th century fashions with special reference to Chaucer's Canterbury TalesBorn, Geraldine (1968)
1968The aesthetic of James JoyceButtigieg, Joseph A. (1968)
1998The anti-realism of Thomas Hardy's fictionZammit, Abigail Ardelle (1998)
2017Apophatic rhetoric in Shakespeare's Rival Poet sonnetsAquilina, Mario
2011The Aristos and the Hoi Polloi : class consciousness in John Fowles's worksMicallef, Rebecca (2011)
2013Between laboratory and institution : practice as research in no man’s landCamilleri, Frank
2008Beyond the wires : the poetry of Philip Larkin in the context of humanismPule`, Vanni (2008)
2010Blake's "richness of ambiguity" in Songs of Innocence and of ExperienceGriscti, Michaela (2010)
2001Cinematic offshoots of The TempestEllul, Simone (2001)
1999Circumstances in Thomas HardyBugeja, Joyce (1999)
2016The CounterText interview : Stephanie StricklandStrickland, Stephanie; Aquilina, Mario; Callus, Ivan
2008The creation of the monster/humanGauci, Miriam (2008)
2017Critical distanceCorby, James
1976A critical examination of Francis Ebejer's English novelsDarmanin, Mary Grace (1976)
1999The Cross-bow : an exercise in script writing with reference to Coleridge and his poem The Rime of the Ancient MarinerCalleja, Theresa (1999)
1998Deviance from the norm : defamiliarisation techniques in T.S. Eliot's Murder in the cathedral and The cocktail partyZarb, Noemi (1998)
1965The different types of human relationship in Chaucer's "Canterbury tales"Bugeja, Joseph D. (1965)
2009Diggin up the underground : representations of dysfunctionality of Irvine Welsh's trainspottingGrech, Scott (2009)
2020-11-08Enid Blyton's first husband buried at Mtarfa cemeteryAttard, Mary
2014The event of style in literatureAquilina, Mario