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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The actors that shape the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of Maltese youthMifsud, Mark C.
2006Agriculture : a curriculum pack for the EkoSkola programmeBonello, Marisa; Mizzi, Bernardette; Spiteri, Judith
2011Attitudes of primary school children towards environmental responsibilityBaldacchino, Frankie
2011Attitudes of university students towards environmental responsibilityFarrugia, Danielle Martine
1991Attitudes towards the natural environment : a surveyAttard, Tanya
1987Awareness of the Maltese natural environment : a surveyFiott, Josette (1987); Grech, Pauline (1987)
1987The biology of orchids with reference to those from the 'Wied il-kbir' systemBonanno, Henry
2006Caring for our environmental heritage : a curriculum pack for EkoSkola programmeGatt, Anne Marie (2006)
2006Children's ideas about air pollution and its consequencesButtigieg, Maria; D'Alfonso, Catherine
2024Children’s discourse on loss of biodiversity in early childhood educationGerada, Julia (2024)
2019Children’s perceptions on nature and learning about nature : inside the classroom and beyondCamilleri, Nicola
2003A competence based evaluation tool for environmental educationScicluna Bugeja, Desiree` (2003)
2007Critical environmental education 'Justice in Trade' and the no-global movementCaruana, Vincent; Borg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2008Education for sustainable development : the Malta storyPiscopo, Suzanne
2017Education for sustainable development and meat consumption among inhabitants of two Maltese districts - a qualitative studyMifsud, Mark C.; Spiteri, Loraine
2017Education for sustainable development for Maltese policy-makers : a requisite or an option?Hili, Pierre
2017Education for sustainable development for the planning authority’s decision-makers : a choice or an imperative?Saliba, Melisent Marie
2018Education for sustainable development in non-formal set-ups : diagnosing a culture of inertiaPulis, Alan; Brown, Maria; Georgakopoulos, Alexia
2014Education for sustainable development in the early years : waste managementBusuttil, Marilyn
2011Effective environmental education through significant life experiencesMuscat, Mario J. (2011)