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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Certain aspects of international criminal environmental lawVella, Karl
2009Congruity between EU and UN efforts to tackle climate changeAttard, Sarah (2009)
2001Conservation and sustainable development as emerging obligations of international lawCasingena, Ruben
2005The environmental liability directive : an appraisalGrech, Simone
1994European Union environmental legislation with respect to the MediterraneanWiddowson, Andrew James (1994)
2007A flag state perspective of international maritime environmental treaty law : helped or hindered by development of community law?Camilleri, Stephen (2007)
2021Green business : sustainability and risk management in Turkish banking sectorKuduz, Necla
2008Healthy and safe living and working environment : drafting and interpretation of laws in an international perspectiveGrima, Danielle
1995Il-Huttafa : issue 8 : May-June 1995BirdLife Malta
1995Il-Pulizija : volume 9, no. 1-2 : 1995Farrugia, Angelo; Malta Police Force
2001Implementing the Kyoto ProtocolDepasquale, Claude
2001International trade and the protection of the environmentFarrugia, Louise
2001The land-based pollution protocol to the Barcelona convention and its legal implicationsMizzi, Anna Maria
2003The polluter pays principle : the legal aspects and implicationsVassallo, Lycia
2008The precautionary principle in the European Union environmental acquisAttard, Caroline (2008)
2001Prevention of pollution of the sea by transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposals : a Maltese/Mediterranean perspectiveDebono, Augustus
2012Recent developments in trade and environmental law conflicts and their impact on Malta's international obligationsSammut, Yana
2022The right to a good environment as a human right : a philosophical appraisalGauci, Marco (2022)
1995Some legal aspects of European Union policy on biodiversity and the protection of natureGrima, Carmel
1993Some legal aspects on biological diversityGrixti, Nives M.