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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Application of lean management tools in a circular economy model from the perspective of financial security of SMEsSzczerbak, Monika; Oziębło, Małgorzata
2001The battle of the 21st century : economy versus the environment : a zero-sum game? : the implications of living in a greenhouse centuryBonavia, Ritienne (2001)
2021Carbon footprint management within a supply chain : a case studyDubisz, Damian; Golinska-Dawson, Paulina
2015-07Cleaning contaminated land with plantsSanchez Garcia, Carmen
2014Climate change and ENGOs in Malta and the EUBriguglio, Michael
2003A comparative evaluation of ecological criteria used for the identification of terrestrial protected areas on islandsVella, Alison (2003)
1999The convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora : its implications under public international law and under our domestic jurisdictionFarrugia, Louise
2017Corporate citizenship and social responsibility policies in the United States of AmericaCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Adams, Carol
2017Corporate sustainability, social responsibility and environmental management : an introduction to theory and practice with case studiesCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2021The determinant factors of sustainability report quality and corporate performance : an empirical studyHidayah, Nurul; Nugroho, Lucky; Prihanto, Hendy
1994Domestic jurisdiction over natural resources and their conservation and protection under international lawBorg, Simone
2012Effects of nitrogen compounds on health.Borg Deguara, Jessica
2009Empowering citizens to participate in environmental decision makingMifsud, Mark C.
1996Environmental auditing in planning for sustainable island tourismStabler, Michael J.; Goodall, Brian
2021Environmental awareness of farmers vs. agricultural sustainabilitySmiglak-Krajewska, Magdalena; Wojciechowska-Solis, Julia
2020Environmental impact of air transportWasowska, Katarzyna; Wincewicz-Bosy, Marta; Dymyt, Malgorzata
2002Environmental liability : enforcement, remedial measures and environmental damages in the scope of the European Commission's White PaperBraginets, Irina (2002)
2012Environmental protection from military damage : an international law perspectiveDebattista, Kristina
2020Environmental workplace behaviors - it takes two to tangoSzeliga-Duchnowska, Anna; Szewczyk, Mirosława
1994European Union environmental legislation with respect to the MediterraneanWiddowson, Andrew James (1994)