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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Correction to : ambient vibration measurements to support morphometric analysis of a pyroclastic conePanzera, Francesco; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Colica, Emanuele; Viccaro, Marco
1945Corrigenda [Foreseen and unforeseen damages]Mallia, Paul
2020-10Corrigendum to “Analysis of market efficiency at Borsa Istanbul : Harvey Linearity Test” [Journal of Accounting, Finance and Auditing Studies 2/1 (2016) 113-124]Malcioglua, Gurkan; Aydin, Mucahit
1974Malta Yearbook 1974 : errataHilary, Brother
1975Malta Yearbook 1975 : additions and errataHilary, Brother
1977Malta Yearbook 1977 : additions and correctionsHilary, Brother
1979Malta Yearbook 1979 : additionsHilary, Brother
1980Malta Yearbook 1980 : additions and correctionsHilary, Brother
1981Malta Yearbook 1981 : additionsHilary, Brother
1982Malta Yearbook 1982 : additionsHilary, Brother
1983Malta Yearbook 1983 : additions and correctionsHilary, Brother
1984Malta Yearbook 1984 : additions and correctionsHilary, Brother
1985Malta Yearbook 1985 : additions and correctionsHilary, Brother
1987Malta Yearbook 1987 : appendixHilary, Brother
1988Malta Yearbook 1988 : appendixHilary, Brother
1989Malta Yearbook 1989 : appendixHilary, Brother
1991Malta Yearbook 1991 : addendumClews, Stanley J. A.
1993Malta Yearbook 1993 : addendumClews, Stanley J. A.
1997Malta Yearbook 1997 : addendumClews, Stanley J. A.
1998Malta Yearbook 1998 : addendumClews, Stanley J. A.