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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An analysis on the effect of transmission errors in real-time H.264-MVC bit-streamsMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James
2014Convolutional encoding and decoding for channels exhibiting synchronisation errorsFarrugia, Noel (2014)
2009Decoding H.264/AVC using prior information and source constraintsFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2019Design of LDPC codec for the FX.25 pico-satellite linkAbela, Aaron
2012Design of synchronisation and error-correcting codesGauci, Sherrylene (2012)
2016Digital-fountain codesDesira, Owen
2007Enhancing error resilience in wireless transmitted compressed video sequences through a probabilistic neural network coreFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2010Error concealment techniques for H.264/MVC encoded sequencesMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James; Farrugia, Reuben A.
2010Error concealment techniques for multi-view videoMicallef, Brian W.; Debono, Carl James
2004Error correction for MPEG-4 video transmission using VLECCDeguara, Rennie (2004)
2010Hardware implementation of a convolutional encoder with viterbi decoderMicallef, David (2010)
2010-05A hybrid error control and artifact detection mechanism for robust decoding of H.264/AVC video sequencesFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2018Improved performance of error correcting output codes for multiclass classificationBorg, Jeremy
2008Improved quality of experience of reconstructed H.264/AVC encoded video sequences through robust pixel domain error detectionFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
1999Interleavers for Turbo codesBriffa, Johann (1999)
1998Investigation of the error performance of Tunstall codingBriffa, Johann A.; Buttigieg, Victor
2011-10LDPCA code construction for Slepian-Wolf codingMicallef, Jeffrey J.; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2010-02-01Resilient digital video transmission over wireless channels using pixel-level artefact detection mechanismsFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2008-12A robust error detection mechanism for H.264/AVC coded video sequences based on support vector machinesFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2009-11A support vector machine approach for detection and localization of transmission errors within standard H.263++ decodersFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James