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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The application of federalist theories in EU treatiesSammut, Chantelle (2021)
2019Assumptions and implementation of smart growth and inclusive growth targets under the Europe 2020 strategyKlikocka, Hanna
2005Asymmetrical economic and institutional changes in the Western Balkans : cooperation with the European UnionKondonassis, Alexander J.; Malliaris, Anastasios G.; Paraskevopoulos, Christos C.
2018Country risk on the bank borrowing cost dispersion within the Euro area during the financial and debt crisesMichalopoulos, George; Tsermenidis, Konstantinos
2014A critical analysis of the payment services directive and its practical applicationGauci, Rachel
2017Difficulties and perspectives of incorporating Russian economy into the European economy and centripetal tendencies in the EUBondarenko, Viktoria Andreevna; Israilova, Elima Adamovna; Albekova, Seda A.; Albekova, Amina A.
2002European constitutional political economy : enlargement and the crisis of institutional systemFaina, J. Andres; Garcia-Lorenzo, Antonio; Lopez-Rodriguez, Jesus
2006European integration : the contribution of the West European UnionSiousiouras, Petros; Nikitakos, Nikitas V.
2010How would membership of the European Union affect Turkish national identity?Cusens, Clive (2010)
2006The influence of federalism on the process of European integrationSaliba, Ivan-Carl (2006)
2017The influence of financial and industrial policy on harmonization of European and Asian integration processesAksenov, Vasiliy Valerievich; Andreeva, Alina Vladimirova; Buryakov, Gennadiy Alexandrovich
2002The Irish 'no' to Nice : Irish attitudes towards the Treaty of NiceMeilak, Elizabeth (2002)
2009Is purchasing power parity hypothesis reasonable from the view of trade blocks and currency zones?Kurihara, Yutaka
1963Malta and the European Common MarketLeaver, Arthur J.
2009Malta’s open economy : weathering the recessional storm?Azzopardi, Rose Marie
2009The prospect of Euro adoption in RomaniaFat, Codruta Maria; Beju, Daniela Georgeta
2020The role of regional integration towards economic stability : a case of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)Chilisa, Helen Chedza
2005The role of the Eurosceptics in the European UnionAzzopardi, Brenda (2005)
2013Small states and the nontraditional effects of economic integrationAzzopardi, Rose Marie
1958Some aspects of economics in the light of present international cooperationFiorentini, Bianca