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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Accession of the European Union to the ECHRBrincau, Kirk; Vella-Baldacchino, Rachel-Marie
2006An address relating to the European convention on human rightsWildhaber, Luzius
2019The amendments to the lease provisions of band clubs in the Civil Code : a critical assessmentMicallef, Martina
2020An analysis of selected landmark human rights judgments that have had an impact on Maltese criminal lawMifsud, Luke (2020)
2016An assessment of the application of the right to liberty and security of the person in MaltaFilletti, Martina
2011Case of MSS v. Belgium and Greece: A catalyst in the re-thinking of the Dublin II RegulationVella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
2019A comparative approach on the treatment of children in the criminal justice system : the need to address the rights of ‘collateral convicts’Pace, Martina
2010A comparative study of abortion policy across the European Union's member statesBorg, Noelle (2010)
2022The criminal prosecution of victims of trafficking in the light of V.C.L. and A.N. vs United KingdomAttard, Francelle Jane (2022)
2008Criteria for expropriation compensation revisited : an assessment in the light of recent developmentsWeerden, Cynthia van der
2022A critical analysis of the penalty regime contemplated in the 'Prevention of the Money Laundering Act' : a human rights perspectiveAttard, Roberta Federica (2022)
2021A critical legal analysis on femicide : to which extent does EU law and ECtHR judgements impact the Maltese legal context?Zammit, Samira (2021)
2001The death penalty as an exception to the right to life : to what extent is capital punishment a violation to human rights?Ben Slama, Rym (2001)
2019Devising a framework to validate the punishment of life imprisonmentThomas, Ana
2016The effects of the European Union’s accession to the ECHR on the protection of human rightsCordina, Adrian
2020The effects of the right to an effective remedy under European lawMicallef, Lisa (2020)
2020Enforcement of international human rights law : a transnational study of irregular migration in the MediterraneanHili, Alexander (2020)
2015The European Union's accession to the European convention on human rights : 'a supplement or an interference?'Vella, Anthony (2015)
1999Exhaustion of domestic remediesMifsud Bonnici, Giuseppe
2011The freedom to impart political information vs. the absolute broadcasting ban on political advertising – a human rights perspectiveAquilina, Kevin