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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The ability of small states like Malta to influence the EU legislative processSciortino, Amanda (2009)
2005Acquisition of immovable property by non-residents in the light of Malta's membership in the European Union.Attard, Rosalyn
2013The adaptation of transatlantic security relations since the end of the cold warScicluna, Samuel (2013)
2010Addressing high unemployment rates in Europe via EU regional policy : Italy and MaltaAbela, Charlene (2010)
2016Aid effectiveness in Malta's overseas development policy : trends and policy implicationsGrech, William (2016)
2009Air safety legislation within the European Community : development and application.Borg, Joette
2010An analysis of Malta's utilisation of the European social fundGrech, Cain (2010)
2018An analysis of Maltese perspectives on European integration from the 19th centuryCamenzuli, Karl
2007An analytical study of the democratic deficit of the EUCassar, Lavinia (2007)
2007The application of article 82 of the EC Treaty to exclusionary abuses : the way aheadScicluna, Adriana (2007)
2015The application of the principle of non-refoulment by Italy and MaltaScerri, Noelene (2015)
1995Aspects of non life insurance business regulation in the European Union and its impact on Maltese lawBugeja, Aaron M.
2019Assumptions and implementation of smart growth and inclusive growth targets under the Europe 2020 strategyKlikocka, Hanna
2007Avrupa Bírlíǧínde aíle polítíkalarliFarrugia, Ruth; Abela, Angela
2018The binding force of directives as instruments of legislative action : an analysis of Article 288 of the TFEUCilia, Martina
2011"The birth of Europe" : European integration during the 1950sBartolo, David (2011)
2020-02-13Book launch : the future of the European Union : demisting the debateUniversity of Malta. Institute for European Studies; Moncada, Stefano; Harwood, Mark; Pace, Roderick
2019-05Book review : Small states and EU governance : Malta in EU decision-making processesBriffa, Hillary
2017-05-23Can the European Union feel? When political psychology encounters foreign policyUniversity of Malta. Institute for European Studies; Pace, Michelle
2002The candidate countries and institutional reform of the European UnionHerberová, Daniela (2002)