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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessing Turkey's progress towards EU membership : human rightsBorg, Ian (2009)
2007EU-Turkish membership : interethnic problems in Turkey and the impact of its EU membershipVasileva, Lili Ivanova (2007)
2004An evaluation of the European council's evolving role and decision-making competence within the wider European Union structure case study : determining the European Union's relationship with TurkeyGalea, Sandra (2004)
2008Germany's position on Turkey's EU membership applicationGippner, Olivia (2008)
2010How would membership of the European Union affect Turkish national identity?Cusens, Clive (2010)
2017The impact of Turkey's neighbourhood relations on its European Union membership applicationBelaama, Abdal Fatah (2017)
2005Inter-state relations and the influence of religion : the Christian/Islamic interfaceAquilina, Saviour (2005)
2018Pre-membership Europeanisation : the EU’s impact on the rule of law in TurkeyCassar, Gabriel
2012The socio-economic challenge of Turkey's EU accessionRachut, Steffen (2012)
2012Turkey as a source of inspiration for the Arab spring : opportunities and challengesBalcer, Adam
2006Turkey's EU membership and its impacts on the European Union's common foreign and security policyFenech, Valerie (2006)
2020Turkey’s progress towards European Union membership and the internal political and rule of law situationCefai, Taylor
2006Turkish membership : threatened by the Cyprus issues?Bajada, Josette (2006)