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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Ambiguous alliance : neutrality, opt-outs, and European defencePace, Roderick; Gressel, Gustav; Hakansson, Calle; Iso-Markku, Tuomas; Nissen, Christine; Pesu, Matti; Quain, Clodagh; Cramer, Clara Sophie; Franke, Ulrike
2010An analysis of the free trade area between the European Union and TunisiaDelia, Albert (2010)
2020The Arab Spring and the Post-Arab Spring (2011-19) : an assessment of the European responseKhader, Bichara; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2001Can a new history save Europe from its past?Frendo, Henry
2005Conflict resolution in Cyprus : intergovernmental vs. supranational methodsDebattista, Michela-Maria (2005)
2006'Creating an area of shared prosperity' in the Euro-Mediterranean region : how near are we to achieving it?Scicluna, Malcolm (2006)
2003Development of a common foreign and security policy : the impact of the Balkan crisesSpiteri Paris, Nicholas (2003)
2007Economic and political mechanisms of the European Union foreign policy : the case of the MaghrebZerafa, Ian (2007)
2004The efficiency of the European Union CFSP : the case of the Arab-Israeli conflictSchembri, Jean-Pierre (2004)
2020EU cybersecurity governance – stakeholders and normative intentions towards integrationKasper, Agnes; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2021EU democracy projection in the Southern Mediterranean a practice analysisKhakee, Anna; Wolff, Sarah
2007EU foreign policy : regional success, global failure?Spiteri, Bernard Charles (2007)
2009EU-Libya co-operation and illegal immigrationAbela, Francesca (2009)
2005EU-US cooperation : vital relationship in combatting poverty, disease and conflict in AfricaHaber, Cheryl (2005)
2010The Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary assembly, 2004 – 2008 : assessing the first years of the parliamentary dimension of the Barcelona processPace, Roderick; Stavridis, Stelios
2008The Euro-Mediterranean partnership and regional integration in the MediterraneanMohamed, Khalil (2008)
2002Europe in the 21st century : an independent security system?Zahra, Keith (2002)
2007Europe's new regionalism : an analysis of the northern and the southern peripheriesMamo, Roger (2007)
2009European and U.S. foreign and security policies on Iran and LibyaBorg, Ivan (2009)
2010The European neighbourhood policy and the northern dimensionVollertsen, Johannes (2010)