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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11Book review : Small states and security in Europe : between national and international policymakingPetrikkos, Petros
2011-02-21Democratic values and cosy relationships in North AfricaKhakee, Anna
2007-12EU democracy promotion in Nigeria : between Realpolitik and idealismKhakee, Anna
2016EU security challenges and their economic implicationsDumitrache, Vlad Ionut; Constantinescu, Maria
2021The EU's response to major shifts in US foreign policy in the last decadeXuereb, Matthew (2021)
2002Europe in the 21st century : an independent security system?Zahra, Keith (2002)
2021The European Union and multilateralism during the Trump presidencyZammit Galea Testaferrata, Julia (2021)
2009Europeanisation and Malta : spatialising national identityCaruana Galizia, Paul (2009)
2006The Europeanisation of interest groups in MaltaSaid, Janet (2006)
2022Global player status? EU actorness and democracy promotionKhakee, Anna
2017The impact of the socialists and democrats group on the evolution of European regulations on irregular migration 2008-2015Mifsud, Ayrton (2017)
2007-12La UE y la promocion de la democracia en Nigeria : entre la politica realista y el idealismoKhakee, Anna
2014The role of the media on party-based EuroscepticismMifsud, Maxine (2014)
2011-06Tunisia’s democratisation : is Europe rising to the occasion?Khakee, Anna
2011Vehicular air pollution : an assessment of impacts and solutions within the context of the EU acquisMallia, Maria (2011)