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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Adhesion of Poland into EURO ZONEKundera, Jarosław
2021The adoption of the Euro by CroatiaCamilleri, Luana (2021)
2017An analysis of Eurozone’s low inflation : has the ECB’s monetary policy response to disinflationary pressures been effective?Giordimaina, Paul
2013An analysis of how Malta's fiscal consolidation strategy shifted from the national sphere to the supra-national level of the European UnionSpagnol, Ryan
2009An analysis of the diversification benefits of selected investment strategies in the Eurozone stocksSchembri, Malcolm (2009)
2012An analysis of the effects and implications of the Eurozone crisisScerri, Gillian
2013Analysis of the structure of Eurozone yield curvesVella, Jennifer Nicole
2021Assessing the impact of regulatory implementation since joining the European Union : analysing Fisher’s equation of exchange for MaltaSpiteri, Sarah (2021)
2013An assessment of the response to the eurozone crisis : investment in growth versus austerity measuresMifsud, Nigel (2013)
2018Banking crises in the Euro area : from bail-ins to bail-outs and the setup of the banking unionCachia, Edward
2012Confidence in Maltese banks in times of crisesDalli, Dorianne
2014Debt crisis and fiscal consolidation in SpainGaletić, Fran; Ostojić, Maja
2007Diffusion and adoption of innovation in Malta : identifying the opinion leader in the Euro adoption processHillman, Velislava (2007)
2006Economic and monetary union and the ten new member states : a comparative analysisAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2016The economic impact of the Eurozone crisis on the Western Balkans : a comparative case study of Serbia and CroatiaAndrejevic, Nikola (2016)
2006The economics of the single currencyAzzopardi, Rose Marie
2020The effectiveness of monetary and fiscal stimulus on inflation expectations : an analysis for selected Euro area countriesDebono, Jeremy
2021Effects of adopting the Euro : a case study of MaltaSammut, Dale (2021)
2016The effects of the ECB’s unconventional monetary policy on the non-Euro area EU member statesTrifonova, Silvia; Atanasov, Atanas; Kolev, Svilen
2012The effects of the Euro-zone debt crisisSaliba, Christabel