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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Absurdity and revolt : a philosophical accountFarrugia, John (2013)
2021-11Beyond agency : games as the aesthetics of beingVella, Daniel
1977The broad human values in education for integral development : how are they to be derived?Macelli, Tony
2009The concept of man's estrangement and the doctrine of the Christ according to Paul TillichMuscat, Monica (2009)
2021Darkness and light as unphysicalities that physically condition a viewer : an exploration through visual and experiential meansPace, Nicole (2021)
2019The deconstruction of reality : a multimedia approachScerri, Thomas
2016The elegant aftermath of an existential crisisMifsud, Ylenia
2004Ethopoiesis : the care of the written selfMercieca, Caldon (2004)
2021Existential ludology and Peter Wessel ZapffeGualeni, Stefano; Vella, Daniel
2016-12The experience machine : existential reflections on virtual worldsGualeni, Stefano
2020The fear of death : between Plato and HeideggerCasha, Brenda (2020)
1975The human questionDelia, C.
1966-09Il-"Jien u Lilhinn Minnu" ta' Dun KarmMallia, Karmenu
2015-11Is boredom inevitable?Lehner, Nikolaus
1975Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 6 : issue 2Aquilina, J.
2008Kierkegaard's prophetic pedigree : his 'deeper impression of existence' and modern ageButtigieg, John (2008)
2008Kull bidu mill-hsieb 1 : program 15Friggieri, Oliver; Schembri, Manwel
2006Lectures 5 : program 7Works in Progress Seminars Series; Connell, George
2006Malta : an island where past and present go hand in handFriggieri, Oliver
2015Nisga tal-filosofija : program 10Friggieri, Joe; Borg, Joseph