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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Active control does not eliminate motion-induced illusory displacementCaniard, Franck; Bulthoff, Heinrich H.; Mamassian, Pascal; Lee, Seong-Whan; Thornton, Ian M.
2014Adaptive eBookDingli, Alexiei; Cachia, Christabel
2015-09Annual activity report 2014 - 2015Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2020-10Annual Activity Report 2019-2020Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2001Attention-based visual routines : spritesCavanagh, Patrick; Labianca, Angela T.; Thornton, Ian M.
2019Automated page turner for musiciansTabone, André
2015ButterflEye : supporting the development of accessible web applications for users with severe motor-impairmentChetcuti, Alastair
2012Can hearing puter activate pupil? Phonological competition and the processing of reduced spoken words in spontaneous conversationsBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Huettig, Falk
2018Childhood narratives : a twofold narrative guiding the viewer into the subjective perspective of twins on their childhood and their identityAzzopardi, Jessica
2021The curious case of lexical ambiguity : using talker-specific characteristics and facial expressions to decode the puzzleBorg, Marthese (2021)
2014Cursor control by point-of-regard estimation for a computer with integrated webcamCristina, Stefania; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2018Datafication as a contemporary artistic process : an exploratory research into eye drawing using an eye trackerAttard, Matthew
2015Do people “pop out”?Mayer, Katja M.; Voung, Quoc C.; Thornton, Ian M.
2018Drawing with our eyesAttard, Matthew
2016Eye-gaze tracking by video-based joint head and eye pose estimationCristina, Stefania
2018Eye-tracking artMizzi, Neil
2019Eyes front!Camilleri, Cassi; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Cristina, Stefania; Repeckaite, Daiva
2010-02-23A high speed Tri-Vision system for automotive applicationsAzzopardi, Marc Anthony; Grech, Ivan; Leconte, Jacques; May, Anthony D.
2013How phonological reductions sometimes help the listenerMitterer, Holger; Russell, Kevin
2017Humans are detected more efficiently than machines in the context of natural scenesMayer, Katja M.; Voung, Quoc C.; Thornton, Ian M.