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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Concrete ventilated ground slabsGrima, David Paul (2005)
2017Environmental durability of externally bonded FRP-repaired concrete : effect of chloride ion penetration and temperature variationSpiteri, Fabio (2017)
2018The fresh properties and early age performance of waste-tyre fibre reinforced self-compacting concreteVella, Anthony (2018)
2012Hairy concrete : investigating the influence of hair fibers to reinforce concreteCosta, Beverley (2012)
2020Mechanical properties of textile reinforced high performance cement-based materialVella, Mario (2020)
2010Polypropylene fibre reinforced cement cladding panels : an investigationBianco, Stephanie (2010)
2010The potential use of waste tyre fibres in concreteBorg, Ruben Paul; Farrugia, Charlie
2018Production of high performance, fibre reinforced, self-compacting concreteGatt, Darren (2018)
2021The production of high-performance self-compacting concrete using recycled concrete aggregates and steel waste tyre fibresAbdilla, Brandon (2021)
2018Repair and strengthening of hollow concrete block masonry walls using textile-reinforced mortar (TRM)Vella, Emanuel (2018)
2008Strengthening of earthquake damaged structures by means of textile reinforced concreteSickert, Jan-Uwe; Kaliske, Michael; Graf, Wolfgang
2010Textile reinforced concreteFrancalanza, Michela (2010)
2019Textile reinforced concrete to realise ultra high durability concrete (UHDC) in the framework of the EU H2020 project "ReSHEALience"Schroefl, Christof; Peled, Alva; Regev, Oren; Borg, Ruben Paul; Reichardt, Michaela; Sripada, R.; Mechtcherine, Viktor; Deegan, Peter; Ferrara, Liberato
2020The use of UHDC for the repair and strengthening of elements in compressionCutajar, James (2020)
2009Waste tyre fibres : investigating the potential use in concreteFarrugia, Charlie (2009)