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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An analysis of the effects and implications of the Eurozone crisisScerri, Gillian
2014Bad government as a reason of recent financial crisis in EuropeGalooyek, Maryam Jafary; Noor, Zaleha Mohd; Rajabi, Ehsan
2018Banking crises in the Euro area : from bail-ins to bail-outs and the setup of the banking unionCachia, Edward
2009Capital adequacy and internal modelsVassallo, Ray
2012Confidence in Maltese banks in times of crisesDalli, Dorianne
2018Country risk on the bank borrowing cost dispersion within the Euro area during the financial and debt crisesMichalopoulos, George; Tsermenidis, Konstantinos
2014Debt crisis and fiscal consolidation in SpainGaletić, Fran; Ostojić, Maja
2014Differences between the sovereign debt crisis in Greece and Cyprus : some implications for MaltaCini, Louise Diane
2012The effect of recent changes in the financial sector on aircraft financingMifsud, Bettina
2011The effect of the financial crisis on the cash flow statements of local manufacture and tourism firmsPulis, Daniela
2020The effectiveness of monetary and fiscal stimulus on inflation expectations : an analysis for selected Euro area countriesDebono, Jeremy
2016The effects of the ECB’s unconventional monetary policy on the non-Euro area EU member statesTrifonova, Silvia; Atanasov, Atanas; Kolev, Svilen
2019Establishing the contributing factors to the resurrection of PIIGS banks following the crisis : a panel data analysisMiguelez, Esteban; Spiteri, Jonathan; Grima, Simon
2013-02-04The Euro crisisBriguglio, Lino
2014European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) : a spotlight on changes affecting the EU OTC Derivative contracts market with a local perspectiveTheuma, Andrea
2012The European sovereign debt crisis : an analysis of the causes & consequences in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and the Eurozone as a wholePeeters, Lesley
2015The Eurozone crisis and the structured Grexit as the proper alternative for GreeceKatsanevas, Theodore
2019The Eurozone crisis and unemployment in Cyprus and IrelandVella, Francesca
2012The eurozone sovereign debt crisis: an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness and sustainability of the crisis response measures adoptedFenech, Clyde
2014The fiscal compact : relevant for Malta?Buttigieg, Sean