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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Assessing global investing risk : a multicriteria preference disaggregation approachDoumpos, Michalis; Zopounidis, Constantin D.; Zanakis, Stelios H.
2014An assessment of CRD IV liquidity requirements and its impact on banks in MaltaBorg, Kristina
2017Banks’ risk taking behavior and the optimization monetary policyTriandhari, Risna; Safuan, Sugiharso; Syamsudin, M.; Alamsyah, Halim
2021Basel III operational risk management requirements : a comparative study of selected local banksPadovani, Luca (2021)
2021A Bayesian approach to measuring risk on portfolios with many assetsBonello, Samuel (2021)
2017The benefits and drawbacks arising from the harmonisation of macro-prudential supervision and micro-prudential supervisionGauci Borda, Simon
2015Can gender difference affect investment decision making? : behavioural finance : a Maltese perspectiveWoods, Joseph John
2005Derivatives may prove to be hazardous tools : an analysis of the financial disasters associated with derivativesAgius, Kenneth (2005)
2016Equity mutual fund performance evaluation : an emerging market perspectiveHili, Jana; Pace, Desmond; Grima, Simon
2011Exploring factors affecting the proper use of derivatives : an empirical study with active users and controllers of derivativesBezzina, Frank; Grima, Simon
2016A financial analysis of Gozo Channel Company LimitedRefalo, Rose-Anne (2016)
2020The financial derivatives myths and doubts : a conclusionGrima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2017The impact of Solvency II and relevant implementing measures on the insurance firm’s risk management maturityGrima, Simon; Marano, Pierpaolo; Bezzina, Frank
2019Impact of the global recession on financial and economic sustainability of industrial companiesKhudyakova, Tatyana A.; Shmidt, Andrey V.
2019-07Interaction between financial risk management and value of the firm among private equity firms in frontier markets : a theoretical perspectiveFlorence Waitherero, K.; Wanyoike, Muchina S.; Muriu, Macharia S.
2011The internal audit function of major banks in Malta and its role in risk managementPsaila, Christine
2007The management of portfolio risk on the Romanian capital marketDalia, Simion; Toba, Daniel
2019-06On developing a solvency framework for bookmakersCortis, Dominic
2014A perspective on the proposal for European public sector accounting standards, in the context of accruals in UK government accountingJones, Rowan; Caruana, Josette
2020Risk comparison between leveraged and non-leveraged funds : an analysis of risk relative to the leverage being utilisedGravino, Matthew (2020)