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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Age and growth studies on Coryphaena hippurus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Maltese watersGatt, Mark
2000Aspects of fisheries biology of bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus (L.), in the Maltese IslandsFarrugia, Andreina
1989Behaviour of the local killifish : Aphanius fasciatusGrech, Michael (1989)
1998Biomonitoring of organic pollutants in local coastal waters using EROD activity in fishBonnici, Paula
2016-09Bird’s Eye View : issue 49 : September 2016BirdLife Malta
1990-12The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 2, part 1]Society for the study and conservation of nature
1999-06The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 3, part 1]Nature Trust (Malta)
2005The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 4, part 2]Nature Trust (Malta)
1994Effects of some pollutants on the hepatic cytochrome P450 dependent monooxygenases in fishCassar, Geraldine G.
2004Elasmobranchs around the Maltese Islands : field and fisheries study for conservationDalli, Jesmond
2015First record of the fangtooth moray, Enchelycore anatina (Actinopterygii : Anguilliformes : Muraenidae), from Maltese waters, Central MediterraneanDeidun, Alan; Watson, David; Castriota, Luca; Mazza, Gianfranco; Pasolli, Linda
2015-04First record of the redlip blenny Ophioblennius atlanticus (Osteichthyes: Blenniidae) in the MediterraneanFalzon, Mark Anthony
2011First records of Scorpaena maderensis (Pisces Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae) in inshore Maltese watersFalzon, Mark Anthony
1873Il Barth : gazzetta di medicina e scienze naturali : Vol. 2, No. 17-18Gulia, Gavino
2011Il-Huttafa : issue 105 : July-August 2011BirdLife Malta
2018Il-Huttafa : issue 147 : July-August 2018BirdLife Malta
2015The impact of the EU's common fisheries policy on the Maltese fisheries sectorCaruana, Angel (2015)
1991In-Natura : issue 11 : 1991SSCN
2005Maltese marine conservation areas : will the urgent needs be met?Agius Darmanin, Sandra; Vella, Adriana
2001Mullus surmuletus as a multiple biomarker for marine pollutionStafrace, Amanda