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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysing the main drivers of forward bias using a VARX model and how they were impacted by the global financial crisisGrech, Colin (2019)
2021Analysis of factors determining global payment imbalances in 2000-2019Twarowska-Mól, Katarzyna; Twarowska-Ratajczak, Małgorzata
2014Anticipated shock, monetary policy and welfare in the small open economyHasan, Rabia; Iftikhar, Syed Faizan
2020Causality between exchange rate and stock prices : evidence from ASEAN-5 countriesReza, Faizal; Ruliana, Titin; Nazarudin Latif, Imam; Nurqamarani, Adisthy Shabrina
2013A contrarian Directional Change strategy using a Fractal Engine ModelGrech, Colin
2012Data mining and AI techniques applied to forex trading domainButtigieg, Luke Paul (2012)
2015Determinants of Euro against US dollar rate of exchange (USD/EUR) in the long runBukowski, Slawomir I.; Bukowska, Joanna E.
2015Directionality prediction of currency exchange rates using gene expression programmingDorato, Davide (2015)
2020The dollar exchange rates in the covid-19 era : evidence from 5 currenciesPasiouras, Alexandros; Daglis, Theodoros
2007Econometric model of inflation and currency rate of exchangeTomescu Dumitrescu, Cornelia
2022-10An empirical investigation of the impact of monetary policy on economic growth in ZambiaMwange, Austin
2021An empirical study on the impact of selected factors on the price of goldEtiar, Taha (2021)
2013The Euro-Dollar exchange rateGafa`, Gabriella
2005Exchange rate strategies for small island developingVella, Stephanie
2018Factors affecting the price level ratio across countriesBianco, Nora
2006Globalization of international financial marketsCamilleri, Silvio John
1982Inflation and currency ratesConsiglio, John Alfred
1992International monetary reformEllul, Andrew (1992)
1999The Japan yen foreign exchange volatility redux ; a dual relationshipChionis, Dionysios P.; McDonald, Ronald
2019The link between governance and real effective exchange rates : a Balassa-Samuelson modelMifsud, Kimberley Charlie