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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-103D crime scene reconstruction : spatial forensics capture to immersionFormosa, Saviour; Nguyen, Tram Thi Ngoc
1986Admissibility of post-hypnotic testimonyKingston, Kimberley A.
1996Arson fire as a cause of explosion in limestone buildingsVella, Alfred J.
1992Arson investigation using the ion trap detectorVella, Alfred J.
1977Ballistics evidenceCalleja, Maurice E.
2023The behavioural science of criminal profiling : a systematic review on the use of criminal profiling and its literatureSophia, Zach (2023)
2019Blue Lives 2019Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2018The court expert : an analysis of his functions in civil and criminal proceedingsAttard, Graziella
2009Crime scene investigation : the importance of the revolution in science and investigative techniques to solve crime and the role of the forensic expertsScerri Ferrante, Juliana (2009)
2022D-Cloud-Collector : admissible forensic evidence from mobile cloud storageVella, Mark Joseph; Colombo, Christian
2016Dental age assessment of Maltese children and adolescents : development of a reference dataset and comparison with a United Kingdom caucasian reference datasetElshehawi, Waleed; Alsaffar, Hani; Roberts, Graham; Lucas, Victoria; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2017Dental age estimation of children and adolescents : validation of the Maltese reference data setAlsaffar, Hani; Elshehawi, Waleed; Roberts, Graham; Lucas, Victoria; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2022Developing a risk management course for forensic professionalsGrech, Louise; Attard Pizzuto, Maresca; Gatt Baldacchino, Elaine; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony
2020Disclosed identity : experiencing portraiture and forensics in conceptual artCasha, Gayle
2017The document lifecycle : identifying opportunities for fraudulent behaviourDebono, Kimberley
2020The identification of body fluids through microbiological markersSpiteri, Jasmine (2020)
2021-03Il-Pulizija : volume 28, no. 1 : 2021Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
1991-03Il-Pulizija : volume 8, no. 2 : 1991Zammit, Raymond; Malta Police Force
1991-08Il-Pulizija : volume 8, no. 4 : 1991Zammit, Raymond; Malta Police Force
1991-05Il-Pulizija : volume 8, no. 8, no. 3 : 1991Zammit, Raymond; Malta Police Force