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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An analysis of the effect of monopolies on the freedom to provide services with reference to the liberalisation in the e-communications industry and recent developments in the e-gaming industryBorg, Yanica
2017An analysis of the freedom of movement for workers in the framework of Directive 2014/54/EUEbejer, Meredith
2017An analysis of third-country nationals' right of access to Europe, and their return, in the light of European Union law and the principles of the European Convention on human rightsFleri-Soler, Michaela
2016Changes in Malta's migration and asylum policies after EU membershipFernandez, Berta
2016Citizenship by investment programmes in Europe and their appeal to high net worth individuals in pursuit of mobility, tax planning and other benefitsAttard Baldacchino, Russell Thomas
2019The Commission's decision to close all gambling infringement cases : a carte blanche to Member States to outmanoeuvre the free movement of services in the EU's online gambling sector?Vella, Graziella Marie
2020Domestic and European response to irregular migration : Malta’s moral dilemma 2002-2016Vassallo, Mario Thomas; Cachia, Jean Claude
2017The employment experiences of migrants : a study of the hospitality sector in MaltaDuncan, Kelsey
2014EU Cross-border successions : the regulation's impact on Malta and its consequencesMuscat, Christabel
2007European and national citizenship : compatibility or mutual exclusivity?Grech, Daniela
2007European citizenship : the concept and its implicationsGrech, Vanessa
2013Exit taxation and its compatibility with European lawFormosa, Nicholas
2020The Family Reunification Directive 2003/86/EC : the way forwardYussuf, Adekunle Lukmon (2020)
2009The free movement and registration of motor vehicles within the European UnionPechar, Petr
2016The free movement of the poor : the legal implications of a political problemCalleja, Justine
2017The freedom of establishment and collective action in the EUCamilleri, Kenneth John
2020The freedom of establishment of companies within the European Union : a critical assessment of an ongoing developmentCoria, Fabio (2020)
2005The impact of the proposed EU directive on services on the internal marketVassallo, Sarah (2005)
2020Integration initiatives in Malta : genuine or merely a barrier to granting long term residence in Malta?Fauser, Nina (2020)
2014The judicial application and treatment of IP rights over goods in transhipment within a Maltese and European dimensionEllul, Sara