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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 3, part 2]Nature Trust (Malta)
2020First population genetic structure analysis of the freshwater crab Potamon fluviatile (Brachyura : Potamidae) reveals fragmentation at small geographical scaleVella, Adriana; Vella, Noel
2000-12The freshwater crab Potamoll fluviatile lanfrancoi: a newly discovered locality at II-Wied ta' Gordajna and a clarification of records from l-lmtahlebCamilleri, Alex; Cachia, Stephen
1984Il-hajja fl-ilma heluSchembri, James L.
2000Il-Huttafa : issue 36 : January-February 2000BirdLife Malta
2001Il-Huttafa : issue 46 : September-October 2001BirdLife Malta
2005Il-Huttafa : issue 66 : January-February 2005BirdLife Malta
2010Il-Huttafa : issue 96 : January-February 2010BirdLife Malta
2016An investigation of habitat connectivity of ‘Potamon fluviatile lanfrancoi’ over timeFalzon, Marta
2017The late Pleistocene origin of the Italian and Maltese populations of Potamon fluviatile (Malacostraca : Decapoda) : insights from an expanded sampling of molecular dataVecchioni, Luca; Deidun, Alan; Sciberras, Jeffrey; Marrone, Federico; Arculeo, Marco
2017Molecular evidences confirm a late Pleistocene origin of the Italian and Maltese populations of the freshwater crab, Potamon fluviatile (Herbst, 1785) (Malacostraca, Decapoda)Vecchioni, Luca; Deidun, Alan; Marrone, Federico; Arculeo, Marco
2021Nisġet Artna n. 26 - Sajf 2021Bonello Sant, Estelle; Malta. Ministry for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Animal Rights. Rural Affairs Department
2009-12On the occurrence of a new population of Potamon Fluviatile Lanfranconi at Wied Ghajn Zejtuna, Mellieha, MaltaSciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey; Vella, Saviour
2019Saving the Maltese freshwater crab from extinctionSammut, Clayton