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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09An automatically tailored experienceFarrugia, Vincent E.
2021Blending output from generative adversarial networks to texture high-resolution 2D town maps for roleplaying gamesSiracusa, Gianfranco; Seychell, Dylan; Bugeja, Mark
2020-08-10Deployment mechanics in analog and digital strategic games : a historical and theoretical frameworkFassone, Riccardo; Alonge, Giaime; Gualeni, Stefano
2016-06-08Digital learning resources and ubiquitous technologies in educationCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina; Dirk, Ifenthaler
2015-09DixitChircop, David
2014Gamification of project management within a corporate environment : an exploratory studySammut, Ryan; Seychell, Dylan; Attard, Neville
2013-06Hotline MiamiOliva, Costantino
2015-09Is there really an app for that?Stivala, Veronica
2013-03Learning for the futureMifsud, Charles L.
2014-06Literature, philosophy and gamesVella, Daniel
2013Personal choices as opposed to official game soundtracksGrech, Karl (2013)
2022-04-21Philosophical gamesGualeni, Stefano
2012-09Phone storyOliva, Costantino
2007Play, leisure & the deaf childBonnici, Darren
2019-08-10Processes of roling : mechanisms for adopting subjectivities in the gameworldVella, Daniel; Gualeni, Stefano; Arjoranta, Jonne
2013-03ProteusOliva, Costantino
2002Rakkonti : programs 1-5Mizzi, Kenneth
2015-09Ridiculous fishingOliva, Costantino
2014-06Rise of the ancientsChircop, David
2014-06The school of gamesCamilleri, Cassi