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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021AI-enabled gamification for learning and assessmentBezzina, Stephen; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Dingli, Alexiei
2020Beyond classical gamification : in- and around-game gamification for educationPfeiffer, Alexander; Bezzina, Stephen; Koenig, Nikolaus; Kriglstein, Simone
2023Boxxla : an investigation in developing mood-oriented UX/UI design for a custom event applicationBuhagiar, Deborah (2023)
2019Contributing to value creation through gamification as engagement marketingGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2020Create digital games for education : dame design as a teaching methodologyWernbacher, Thomas; Reuter, Robert; Denk, Natalie; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Koenig, Nikolaus; Fellnhofer, Katharina; Grixti, Adeleide; Bezzina, Stephen; Jannot, Eric
2024Exploring customer experience in online shopping : a qualitative analysis of gamification and co-creation dynamicsBaldacchino, Gabriella (2024)
2024A field experiment on gamification of physical activity – effects on motivation and stepsGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2019Games, design and assessment : how game designers are doing it rightBezzina, Stephen
2023Gamification : use in tourism business managementPizło, Wojciech; Mazurkiewicz-Pizło, Anna
2019Gamification as an engagement marketing strategyGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2018Gamification in social marketing campaigns : an investigation into the effect of badges and a community element in gamification on a social marketing campaign aimed at increasing walking amongst adultsBaron, Shaun
2017A gamified beacon based conference management systemZerafa, Kenneth
2017Gamified beaconsMizzi, Daniel
2024Gamifying education : exploring the ethical landscape in primary schoolsBorg, Gabriel (2024)
2020How do gamified quantified self experiences increase physical activity and well-being? Competitive, collaborative and coopetitive treatmentsGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2021Lessons learnt from the user journey of well-known digital games for the development of educational softwarePfeiffer, Alexander; Denk, Natalie; Wernbacher, Thomas; Bezzina, Stephen
2018Player 1 : ready to learnJarvilehto, Lauri; Cameron, Sara
2024Protocol for a randomised controlled field experiment on the effect of different gamification designs of physical activityGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2023A risk analysis on the gamification of trading applicationsCassar, Cristian (2023)
2023Self-tracking and gamification of physical activity : effects on wellbeingGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel