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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Banquette faunal assemblages from groomed and ungroomed beaches in the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan; Saliba, Stephen; Schembri, Patrick J.
2011Biology and conservation status of the endemic Maltese top-shell Gibbula nivosa (A. Adams, 1851) (Trochidae)Evans, Julian; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2003The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 4, part 1]Nature Trust (Malta)
2011The Central Mediterranean Naturalist [Vol. 5, part 3 & 4]Nature Trust (Malta)
1987The Clausiliidae (Gastropoda) of the Maltese Islands, some additional dataBeckmann, K. -H; Gittenberger, E.
2011Contributions to the malacology of Malta, 2 : on the second record of Otala punctata (Müller, 1774) (Gastropoda : Helicidae) from MaltaCilia, David P.
2011-03Distribution, habitat preferences and behaviour of the critically endangered Maltese top-shell Gibbula nivosa (Gastropoda: Trochidae)Evans, Julian; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2023DNA barcoding and phylogenetics of marine molluscs in Maltese watersCassar, Luke (2023)
2003Fossils from the lower globigerina limestone formation at Wardija, Gozo (Miocene, Aquitanian), with a description of some new pteropod species (Mollusca, Gastropoda)Janssen, Arie W.
2020Further spread of the alien gastropod Otala punctata (Müller, 1774) in MaltaCamilleri, Justin; Cassar, Louis F.; Schembri, Patrick J.
1872Il Barth : gazzetta di medicina e scienze naturali : Vol. 1, No. 8Gulia, Gavino
2007Il-bebbuxPace, Carmelo
2019An investigation of the distribution and abundance of Otala punctata (Müller, 1774) in the Baћrija areaCamilleri, Justin
2007Is the endemic Maltese Top-shell Gibbula nivosa extinct?Schembri, Patrick J.; Borg, Joseph A.; Deidun, Alan; Knittweis, Leyla; Mellado Lopez, T.
2017Molecular studies on the genus Muticaria (Pulmonata: Clausiliidae) from the Maltese IslandsColomba, Maria Stella; Gregorini, Armando; Cilia, David; Liberto, Fabio; Reitano, Agatino; Sparacio, Ignazio
1984-09New records of land snails inhabiting leaf litter from the Maltese Islands (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Pulmonata)Thake, Martin A.
2008Occurrence of the alien sea hare Aplysia dactylomela Rang, 1828 (Opisthobranchia, Aplysiidae) in MaltaSchembri, Patrick J.
2011"Ohxon l-imhar, ara kemm hu haj!"Pace, Karmenu
2003On some alien terrestrial and freshwater gastropods (Mollusca) from MaltaMifsud, Constantine; Sammut, Paul; Cachia, Charles
2010Rediscovery of live Gibbula nivosa (Gastropoda: Trochidae)Evans, Julian; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.