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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The appointment of women on boards of directors of publicly listed and/or licensed companies in MaltaThake, Anne Marie
1998Becoming boys : gender identities in the primary schoolGatt, Vanessa (1998); Tonna, Michelle (1998)
1998Boys and girls : one world or two? Gender identities in the primary classroomBorg, Cathy; Zerafa, Claire
1997Changing attitudes through educationMuscat, Maud (1997)
2016Chapter 8 : Gender and sexualityBaldacchino, Ruth; Cutajar, JosAnn; Murphy, Brenda; Naudi, Marceline
2006Differences in Styles of Response: How boys and girls respond to questions in physicsSammut, Sandra (2006); Vassallo, Alison (2006)
2020Editorial : breaking gender boundariesDuca, Edward; Repeckaite, Daiva
2018The effect of gender role identification on behaviour intentions in University studentsKinsella, David John
2019Equality accomplished, or not? : a historical comparison of transgender lifeZammit Buttigieg, Josette
2019The experience of asexual-identifying individualsBorg, Nigel
2016Gender identities in schools : an analysis of the perception of teachersDebono, Lara; Mifsud, Gracelynn
2007Gender related issues : relevant considerations in the determination of refugee status?Cilia Barbara, Marouska
2018Gendered subjects, gendered students : BSRI testing individual learners and their career choicesMercieca, Rebecca Louise
2022In plain sight : exploring notions of identity, genderfluidity and self-representation through an expanded photographic practiceGrima, Hayden (2022)
2020The manifestation of gender and its social afflictionsGalea, Maria
2018Overcoming pink and blue : heteronormativity and cisnormativity in primary schoolsCaruana, Alex
2017Satisfaction and well-being in the life trajectories of male-to-female transsexual peopleZahra, Bruno
2020A step forward : investigating the concept of normalisation of non-heterosexual identities through portraitureBugeja, Chalise
2018“Transparency” : a professional viewpoint on the holistic metamorphosis of a transgender individualFenech, Brenda
2020'We’re all born naked and the rest is drag’ : constructing and performing a drag queen selfCaruana, Therese