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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Abnormal hemoglobins in Malta : the significance of two fetal and an adult variantBannister, William H.; Grech, J.L.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Schroeder, W.A.
2006The aetiology of ectopic maxillary canine teethMcDonald, Fraser; Scerri, Christian; Camilleri, Simon
2009Allele scoring of genetic risk in previous gestational diabetes mellitus (pGDM)Abou Hussein, Samir
2015Analysis of the molecular diversity of Olea Europaea in the Mediterranean Island of MaltaMazzitelli, Oriana; Calleja, Alan; Sardella, Davide; Farrugia, Claude; Zammit-Mangion, Marion
2015Dental anomalies in first-degree relatives of transposed canine probandsBartolo, Adriana; Calleja, Neville; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2017Determining the genotype of the Rh blood group system in the Maltese populationGiordmaina, Antonella
2013-09Diabetes : from genes to bloodDuca, Edward
2014Flying in the face of neurodegenerationCauchi, Ruben J.
2012The further development of DNA pooling for gene discovery and public health genomicsBugeja, Marisa
2017-12Genetic determinants of low birth weightMallia, Theresa; Grech, Alexia; Hili, Abigail; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Pace, Nikolai Paul
2010Glossarju dwar il-ġenetikaDegiorgio, Reuben (2010)
1978Heredity : a fact that can be tampered with?Balzan, Rena
2010High resolution mapping of a DNA locus genetically linked to febrile seizuresFarrugia, Claudia-Ann
2016Integrity and the dual use of researchEngerer, Vanessa
2013It's all in the familyFiott, Alexandra
2014-09Maltese olives and their genesMazzitelli, Oriana
2002New insights in genetics of congenital heart defectsDigilio, Maria Cristina
2016Pharmacogenetics : ethics and public policyAbdilla, Bernice
2011Phenotyping and genotyping of Maltese patients with acromegalyMercieca, Cecilia
2014-06Preventing sudden deathBezzina, Connie