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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Application for admission to a residential complex for older peopleDimech, Joseph
2014Artificial nutrition and hydration in end-of-life Geriatric Care : medical treatment or basic care?Vassallo, Mark Anthony
1954The autumn of lifeManche, Richard
1996Catheter care : knowledge and care practices in the communityAgius, Glorianne
1954Chest-piece : volume 1 : issue 10Manche, Richard; Fenech, Peter
1995Cost effectiveness of laboratory services at Zammit Clapp Hospital.Camilleri, Josef
2005Elderly patient care in the Imaging Department.Cassar, Daniel
2002An evaluation of stroke services at Zammit Clapp hospitalAbela, Stephen
1992Geriatric nutritionFenech, David
2007Introducing voluntary services during the discharge process of long-term hospitalised elderly patients.Carabott, James
2012Investigating the attitudes of local radiographers towards the geriatric patient.Vella, Sarah Marie
2013-12Journal of the Malta College of Family Doctors : volume 2 : issue 3Mallia, Pierre; Agius, Dominic; Malta College of Family Doctors
2005A needs assessment of community physiotherapy services for the elderly.Young, Sharon
2017Quality assurance of prescribing in the elderly populationGauci, Marise
2018Researching ageism in health-care and long term careButtigieg, Sandra C.; Ilinca, Stefania; Sao Jose, José M. S. de; Taghizadeh Larsson, Annika
1992Residents' expectations of need fulfilment on admission to St. Vincent de Paule residence and perceived/actual changes after residenceAgius Cutajar, Doreen
2018The role of health care workers in maintaining the oral health and quality of life of Parkinson‟s disease patientsSchembri, Emma
1992Urinary tract infections in hospitalised elderly patientsZerafa, Doris