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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The 2008 global financial crisis and its impact on risk managementBartolo, Liona
2016The adjustment of Maltese firms to the post-crisis economic environment : evidence from a firm-level surveyMicallef, Brian
2019Analysing the main drivers of forward bias using a VARX model and how they were impacted by the global financial crisisGrech, Colin (2019)
2018Analysis of financial distress with Springate and method of Grover in coal in BEI 2012 - 2016Gracia Devina Hungan, Agnes; Nyoman Sawitri, Ni
2013An analysis of how Malta's fiscal consolidation strategy shifted from the national sphere to the supra-national level of the European UnionSpagnol, Ryan
2015An analysis of the bank recovery and resolution directive and its impact on the local banking industryXuereb, Isaac
2016Analysis of the Icelandic, Irish and Cypriot financial crisesCalleja, Nigel
2021Assessing the impact of regulatory implementation since joining the European Union : analysing Fisher’s equation of exchange for MaltaSpiteri, Sarah (2021)
2017Assurance in crisis : a critical appraisal of recent developments in the regulation of bank recoveries and resolutionsScerri, Kyle
2017Banks’ risk taking behavior and the optimization monetary policyTriandhari, Risna; Safuan, Sugiharso; Syamsudin, M.; Alamsyah, Halim
2019Capturing volatility spillovers across national stock markets in Asia, Europe and the USCaruana, Luca (2019)
2019A case study on the impact of regulatory pressures on governance, due to the global financial crisis, on public banks' performance in the EU Mediterranean GroupGauci, Glenn (2019)
2010The challenges of Euro adoption in Romania : some lessons from the Greek experienceTache, Ileana
2017The characteristics of the formation of income of multi-child households under conditions of a financial crisisKhamatkhanova, Makka Alaudinovna; Khusnutdinova, Guzeliya Faridovna
2017Cluster development of innovational entrepreneurship : new possibilities and priorities in the conditions of the innovational economy creationBogoviz, Aleksey V.; Ioda, Elena V.; Ioda, Yulia V.; Kuranova, Valentina B.; Bobrova, V. V.
2019Co-movements amongst gold and oil : a multivariate time-varying asymmetric approachToumi, Sirine
2017Commercial lending in Malta : the lending process and associated risksFalzon, Charlene
2017A comparative analysis of different stress testing frameworks for assessing risks in the banking sectorSant, Bernice
2020A comparative analysis of financial innovation : between Germany and China following the 2007/9 financial crisesAquilina, Owen (2020)
2018A comparative analysis of three major financial crises : the Asian crisis, the Japanese ‘lost decade’ and the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisisAbdulrahman, Lubna