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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The battle of the 21st century : economy versus the environment : a zero-sum game? : the implications of living in a greenhouse centuryBonavia, Ritienne (2001)
2021-03Climate change and epilepsy : insights from clinical and basic science studiesGulcebi, Medine I.; Bartolini, Emanuele; Lee, Omay; Lisgaras, Christos Panagiotis; Onat, Filiz; Mifsud, Janet; Striano, Pasquale; Vezzani, Annamaria; Hildebrand, Michael S.; Jimenez-Jimenez, Diego; Junck, Larry; Lewis-Smith, David; Scheffer, Ingrid E.; Thijs, Roland D.; Zuberi, Sameer M.; Blenkinsop, Stephen; Fowler, Hayley J.; Foley, Aideen
2009The effects of agriculture on global warming and climate changeMuscat, Maria Valerie (2009)
2013Effects of grid instability on RES and its rebound effects : legislation and practices in the EUBonello, Victor (2013)
2017The environment in the provision of transportAttard, Maria
2010A framework of best practices for Carribbean small states to meet the challenges of climate changeGarnette, Nnke (2010)
2020-12Global warming to global warningMallia, Pierre
2016Il-Huttafa : issue 132 : January-February 2016BirdLife Malta
2003Il-Huttafa : issue 55 : March-April 2003BirdLife Malta
2001Implementing the Kyoto ProtocolDepasquale, Claude
1996The implications of climate change for tourism in small islandsWall, Geoffrey
2005The Kyoto protocol and non-state actorsBauer, Amanda K. (2005)
2011Life cycle impacts assessment of steel, composite, concrete and wooden columnsRossi, Barbara; Lukic, Ivan; Iqbal, Naveed; Du, GuangLi; Cregg, Diarmuid; Borg, Ruben Paul; Haller, Peer
2020Neurological disorders vis-à-vis climate changeZammit, Christian; Torzhenskaya, Natalia; Ozarkar, Pranali Devendra; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2008Perceptions of environmental science students on global warming and ozone depletionGrima, Joanne-Rita (2008)
2018Playing with fireBorg, Simone
2020Reviewing the role of ecosystems services in the sustainability of the urban environment : a multi-country analysisFilho, Walter Leal; Barbir, Jelena; Sima, Mihaela Georgia; Kalbus, Alexandra; Nagy, Gustavo J.; Paletta, Angelo; Villamizar, Alicia; Martinez, Reinaldo; Miranda Azeiteiro, Ulisses; Pereira, Mário Jorge; Mussetta, Paula C.; Ivars, Jorge Daniel; Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra, José Baltazar; de Silva Neiva, Samara; Moncada, Stefano; Galdies, Charles; Kļaviņš, Māris; Nikolova, M.; Gogu, Radu Constantin; Balogun, Abdul Lateef; Bouredji, Aicha; Bonoli, Alessandra
2012Risk communication : climate change as a human-health threat, a survey of public perceptions in MaltaDebono, Roberto; Vincenti, Karen; Calleja, Neville
2007Small islandsMcLean, Roger F.; Agard, John; Briguglio, Lino; Lefale, Penehuro; Payet, Rolph; Sem, Graham
2013Water-based structures : alternative modes of developmentEbejer, Steven (2013)