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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992The alteration of Globigerina Limestone with special reference to the effects of atmospheric sulphur compounds and of salt crystallisationAzzopardi, Mark (1992)
2014Ammonium oxalate treatment for the conservation of weathered globigerina limestoneDreyfuss, Tabitha (2014)
2008Artificial Reefs Project : final report of scientific studies (2004–2006)Borg, Joseph A.; Magro, Mildred; Schembri, Patrick J.; Vella, Patrick J.
1991An assessment of globigerina limestone resourcesSammut, Anthony (1991)
2017Bio-retexturing in limestone used in the built heritage of MaltaBianco, Lino
2020Bioerosion rates on shore and shallow water rocky bottoms along Maltese coastsGrima, Alistair (2020)
1968Black beneath the night : a study of ancient Maltese 'cart'-tracksMallia Milanes, Victor (1968)
2008Cave formations and processes in MaltaSaliba, Darren (2008)
2017The characteristic compressive strength of masonry walls with reconstituted limestone blocks from building wasteZammit, Glenn (2017)
2003Conservation of a 19th century chapel : a case studyVinci, Andrew (2003)
1990Conservazione e restauro dei templi megalitici preistorici maltesi : il progetto bilaterale di ricerca e risultanze delle prime missioni di studioCassar, JoAnn; Tampone, Gennaro; Vannucci, Sergio; Zezza, Fulvio
2008Controlling crystallization damage by the use of salt inhibitors on Malta’s limestoneCassar, J.; Marrocchi, A.; Santarelli, M. L.; Muscat, M.
2011Development of an environmental profile for globigerina limestone blocks and locally-manufactured hollow concrete blocks through the use of life cycle analysisBartolo, Gilbert (2011)
2007Discussion of ‘Methodology to identify badly weathering limestone using geochemistry : case study on theLower Globigerina Limestone of the Maltese Islands’ byJ. Cassar & A.J. Vella Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 36, 85–96Gatt, P. A.; Cassar, J.; Vella, Alfred J.
1989A down-column geochemical study of lower globigerina limestone with special reference to the 'soll' layersTesta, Simon J. (1989)
1992Eccentric loads on masonry : phase 2Cachia, Chris (1992)
2022The effects of externally applied reinforcement methodologies on globigerina limestone masonry wallsGauci, Mikhail (2022)
1999The effects of salts as a primary weathering parameter of globigerina limestoneCachia, Carmelo (1999)
1991Elastic constants of Globigerina LimestoneXuereb, David (1991)
1997Epoxy injection for masonry crack repairFarrugia, Amanda-Jane (1997)