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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Adopting Antonio Gramsci’s conceptual elaboration of passive revolution to interpret economic development and education in the history of a unified ItalyGravina, Joseph
2011Adult education and the state : Gramsci, the historical materialist tradition and relevant othersEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2009Antonio Gramsci and educational thought [Editorial]Mayo, Peter
2010Antonio Gramsci and feminism : the elusive nature of powerLedwith, Margaret
2008Antonio Gramsci and his relevance for the education of adultsMayo, Peter
2010Antonio Gramsci and his relevance to the education of adultsMayo, Peter
2005Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire : some connections and contrastsMayo, Peter
2007-05-03Antonio Gramsci e l’educazione degli adultiMayo, Peter
2005-03Antonio Gramsci y Paulo Freire : algunas conexiones y contrastesMayo, Peter
2014Antonio Gramsci’s impact on critical pedagogyMayo, Peter
2010A brief commentary on the Hegelian-Marxist origins of Gramsci’s ‘Philosophy of Praxis’Hill, Deb J.
2010Contents and notes on contributors-
2015Cultural hegemony today. From cultural studies to critical pedagogyCortes-Ramirez, Eugenio-Enrique
2010ForewordPeters, Michael A.
2010Global English, hegemony and education : lessons from GramsciIves, Peter
2014-06Gramsci and the politics of educationMayo, Peter
2006Gramsci and the unitarian school : paradoxes and possibilitiesMayo, Peter
2010Gramsci, die Südfrage und der MittelmeerraumMayo, Peter
2007Gramsci, the Southern question and the MediterraneanMayo, Peter
2010Gramscian thought and Brazilian educationDore Soares, Rosemary