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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The applicability of lean management on construction companies in MaltaCamilleri, Daniel (2020)
2009Are there any correlations between fiscality rate, GDP and tax incomes flux? Case study Romania and TurkeyDracea, Raluca; Cristea, Mirela; Ionascu, Costel; Irtes, Meltem
2018Atmospheric pollution and economic development in small states : the role of governanceCamilleri, Jessica
2020Conditions of agriculture compared to economic growth in selected countriesSzczepanska-Przekota, Anna
2021Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of public investment projectsJarosiński, Krzysztof
2017The country's economic growth models and the potential for budgetary, monetary and private financing of gross domestic product growthSlepov, V. A.; Burlachkov, V. K.; Danko, T. P.; Kosov, Mikhail Evgenievich; Volkov, I. I.; Grishina, O. A.; Sekerin, V. D.
2020Demand and strategy of imports in declining foreign exchange reservesNikensari, Sri Indah; Puspitasari, N. F. D.; Pujiati, Amin
2013Determinants of economic growth in G20 countries : a panel data approachTaş, Nihat; Önder, Emrah; Hepşen, Ali
2018Determinants of the level of non-performing loans in commercial banks of transition countriesMazreku, Ibish; Morina, Fisnik; Misiri, Valdrin; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Grima, Simon
2010Distribution and development in developing countries : an empirical assessmentDao, Minh Quang
2019Economic growth and the concept of diminishing marginal governance effectBriguglio, Lino; Vella, Melchior; Moncada, Stefano
1999Economic self-reliance and small island developing statesBorda, Manuel (1999)
2004The economic vulnerability and resilience of small island states : the case of SingaporePeebles, Gavin; Wilson, Peter
2023Emerging markets as key drivers of the global economyRubaj, Piotr
2018Factors affecting the price level ratio across countriesBianco, Nora
2022Forecasting macroeconomic indicators for selected European Union countriesMigała-Warchoł, Aldona; Surówka, Agata
2023Gender equality and economic growth in BSR and EAP countries : a quantitative approachGdakowicz, Anna; Guzowska, Małgorzata; Hozer-Koćmiel, Marta; Gracz, Leszek
2018Impact of fiscal, monetary and structural economic policies on the growth rates of leading economies : 2000-2016Ponkratov, V. V.; Karaev, A.; Solyannikova, S.; Gorlova, O.; Smirnov, D.; Makashina, O.
2012The impact of renewable energy sources on economic growth and CO2 emissions : a SVAR approachSilva, Susana; Soares, Isabel; Pinho, Carlos
2021Influence of economic and political variables on the mortality rate per Covid-19Cifuentes-Faura, Javier