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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aspects of groundwater protection : a case study : the mean sea level aquifer, MaltaSapiano, Manuel (1995)
1971Aspetti idrogeologici delle formazioni terziarie di MaltaZezza, Fulvio
2016Assessing Gozitan farmers’ perceptions of using treated sewage effluent for irrigationGrech, Larry
2006-12-10Boreholes and a prayer for rainDeidun, Alan
2010-09-19Celebrating island biodiversityDeidun, Alan
2021Controlled source electromagnetic measurements offshore the Maltese Islands : implications for offshore freshened groundwater in a carbonate shelfHaroon, Amir; Micallef, Aaron; Faghih, Zahra; Jegen, Marion; Schwalenberg, Katrin; Karstens, Jens; Berndt, Christian; Garcia, Xavier; Kuehn, Michel; Rizzo, Enzo; Fusi, Nicoletta Chiara; Ahaneku, Chibuzo Valeria; Petronio, Lorenzo; Weymer, Bradley A.
2018Correlation of soil salinity and nitrate with irrigation from the major aquifersMontanaro, Roland
2013-01-13Delimara needs gas, not hot airDeidun, Alan
2009Establishing the willingness to pay for second class water infrastructure as a tool for strategic planningMicallef, Oriana (2009)
2016An evidence based approach towards identifying illegal borehole activityAdams, Nathan
1996Ground water flow modelling of the Malta mean sea level aquifer : development of a simulator programmeGrech, Ivan (1996)
2004Il-Madonna tac-Cicri u t-tiftix ghall-ilmaGatt, Guzi
2019Perfluoroalkyl substances in the Maltese environment – (II) sediments, soils and groundwaterSammut, Godwin; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Sapiano, Manuel; Helmus, Rick; De Voogt, Pim W. P.
2014Soakaway structures : an alternative way for groundwater rechargeAgius, Christian (2014)
1991Sources of nitrate contamination in the mean sea level aquifer of MaltaZahra, Noel (1991)
2004Stormwater runoff : a local perspectiveScicluna, Mark John (2004)
2000Study on the quality of irrigation watersFarrugia, David (2000)
2001Throwing cold water on water use conflicts between the agriculture industry and the domestic water supply system in the fiddien areaVella, Matthew (2001)
2015Towards sustainable development : Malta developing an underground planning strategyZammit, Adriana (2015)
2017Underwater groundwaterMicallef, Aaron