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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An action research based framework for introducing a patient allocation modelGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben; Sammut, Alexei
2012Acute mental health settings in Malta : Nurses' perceptions of stressors and coping mechanismsCamilleri, Anthony
2017Adaptive pathways : possible next steps for payers in preparation for their potential implementationVella Bonanno, Patricia; Ermisch, Michae; Godman, Brian; Martin, Antony P.; Van Den Bergh, Jesper; Bezmelnitsyna, Liudmila; Bucsics, Anna; Arickx, Francis; Bybau, Alexander; Bochenek, Tomasz; Van de Casteele, Marc; Diogene, Eduardo; Eriksson, Irene; Fürst, Jurij; Gad, Mohamed; Greičiūtė-Kuprijanov, Ieva; Van der Graaff, Martin; Gulbinovic, Jolanta; Jones, Jan; Joppi, Roberta; Kalaba, Marija; Laius, Ott; Langner, Irene; Mardare, Ileana; Markovic-Pekovic, Vanda; Magnusson, Einar; Melien, Oyvind; Meshkov, Dmitry O.; Petrova, Guenka I.; Selke, Gisbert; Sermet, Catherine; Simoens, Steven; Schuurman, Ad; Ramos, Ricardo; Rodrigues, Jorge; Zara, Corinne; Zebedin-Brandl, Eva; Haycox, Alan
2020The application of public-private partnership for the purpose of implementing state policy in the sphere of health carePopova, Tetiana; Iskiv, Mariana; Zagurska-Antoniuk, Viktoriia; Buryk, Zoriana; Matsyk, Volodymyr; Terentieva, Nataliia
2014Awareness of gender in healthcareCordina, Maria
2008The best of both worlds : how primary care can save lives and moneyHaslam, David
2007Brave New Hospital (Apologies to Aldous Huxley)Vassallo, Josanne
2010Case management for older persons in Malta : an evaluation.Vella, Patrick
2009Developing an integrated care pathway for total knee replacement patients in an acute orthopaedic setting : an action research projectZahra, Lilian
1999-06Equity in health care : a Maltese perspectiveSoler, Denis
2015EU country specific recommendations for health systems in the European semester process : trends, discourse and predictorsAzzopardi Muscat, Natasha; Stoner, Deborah; Brand, Helmut; Clemens, Timo
2017The European added value of health system cooperation to ensure access to innovative medicines and technologiesAzzopardi Muscat, Natasha
1999Health promotion and the community pharmacistEllul, Maria
2012The importance of information technology in nursing practice and management of care.Brincat, Joseph
2019Innovation strategies and health system guiding principles to address equity and sustainability in responsible innovation in healthButtigieg, Sandra C.
2010Institute of Health Care biennial report 2008/2009University of Malta. Institute of Health Care
2021Interactive governance in health care as the determinant of safety for respecting patients’ rightsBieńkowska, Daria; Lipska-Sondecka, Agnieszka; Kozłowski, Ryszard; Tomczak, Łukasz
2022Management crisis in health care system in COVID-19 conditionsOrliński, Ryszard; Macuda, Małgorzata
2009Management of the child with asthma in health centres : nurses' views.Portelli, Lucy
2009Management views on introducing a performance management programme for nurses at Malta's acute public hospital.Azzopardi, Stephen